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I thought I’d give an update about where the current stories are heading.  Balance and Vaironian Tides are winding down, while The Architect’s Guardian has a significant way to go. I’m still determining if the first two stories will have sequels but I’m 80% sure that AG will have one. I’d imagined it as a series. Armando Medina’s awakening to his powers and his relationship with Izdahl are just the start of what happens, in the universe where the AG takes place.

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  1. Thank you for the update. I’m really interested in seeing where AG end up at. It really has went off in directions I didn’t even think of when I first started reading it. Will Balance and Vaironian Tides be complied in an ebook or print at some point? I didn’t know if were still with SL or if you might self-publish them at some point.

    • Hi Ambers. Thanks for continuing to read! The paths AG has taken have surprised me too. LOL! The scope is much larger than I anticipated. However, I prefer the way I’m heading now.

      I’m no longer with SL but I really wish Harial, Kali and everyone else there the best.

      I’m planning to self-publish both Balance and/or Vaironian Tides next year. I’m actually scouting for artists now and I’ve seen a few on DeviantArt whose styles I really like.