Vaironian Tides: Chapter 16

Chapter 16 of Vaironian Tides is up!  Some bits and pieces:

Tolrek was suddenly at Darion’s eye-level. The negotiator had picked up the rebel, shaking him several times. Darion appeared to be one rude comment away from throwing him.

“You would do well to control your mouth,” the negotiator said, his voice a low, dangerous, rumble. His arms shook, not from the strain of holding Tolrek but from the struggle to keep himself from hurting the rebel. “Surely, I have been quite indulgent.”


Balance: Chapter 14

I’ve updated Balance with Chapter 14.  Here are some snapshots:

As uncertainty took hold, Kouta became agitated. The more he thought about Takayuki’s words, the more he became suspicious. Suspicion fueled his rising anger. Maybe Ryuu wasn’t being straightforward with him. Maybe Takayuki knew that and was using it to goad him. Maybe that’s why Ryuu had acted so strangely the previous week. Sex had been awkward and Ryuu had said there was something he’d done. Kouta cursed, a series of painful scenarios running through his head.