Izdahl and Armando Updates!

Izdahl and Armando are recovering from a painful conversation. After arguing about the status of their relationship, they’ve been pondering their last discussion in their posts titled Frustation! and Blindsided. Read their thoughts under their sections from The Characters Say…

Armando is preparing himself to be more revealing with Izdahl than he has ever been.

The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 33

Izdahl and Armando have a candid conversation about Izdahl’s frustrations with their relationship in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 33. Here’s a portion:

“I get your damn point!” Armando snapped. “You can be so impossible! You take me from zero to furious in a matter of seconds. I guess I’ll leave you alone. I wouldn’t want to embarrass you, especially on Amasi property.”

Vaironian Tides: Chapter 24

Tolrek’s misunderstanding about Darion causes him some frustration in Vaironian Tides, Chapter 24. Here’s an excerpt:

“I feel like a fool,” Tolrek admitted to his sister. He drove around the city, still trying to get the image of Darion and the pregnant woman out of his mind. Needing to talk to someone, he’d called Sheyla, trying to manage his pain. “I didn’t even know he was seeing someone. You’d think there would be news of it somewhere. How was he able to keep things quiet?”

The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 24

Izdahl and Armando become frustrated with each other, in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 24. Here’s a portion:

“If you’re going to be angry with me all night, I’ll sleep in another room. I can’t be next to you and not at least hold you.” Izdahl hesitated. He was unsure if he should say the next words on his mind. However, after a few moments of indecision, he decided to be straightforward. “We haven’t exactly been all that intimate lately. Don’t eliminate the little bit of intimacy we do have.”