Balance: Chapter 31 Final

filmstrip-geraltKouta and Ryuu attend the premiere of Ryuu’s second film in Balance, Chapter 31, which is the final chapter of this story. Here’s an excerpt:

Kouta left the car first and then motioned to Ryuu. After taking a deep breath, Ryuu stepped out too. The already excited crowd became even louder. Kouta could feel Ryuu start to shrink away from the depth of the reaction. While Ryuu’s first movie had done well, its initial release hadn’t received the same attention. Ryuu looked at Kouta for support.

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Balance: Chapter 28

Kouta and Ryuu are excited about their decision to attend Ryuu’s movie premiere together. However, there are hurdles in Balance, Chapter 28.  Here’s a bit:

Kouta knew that Ryuu was waiting for an answer. Still, it wasn’t about a simple yes or no. They had appeared in public together but the premiere would be on a grander scale. Plus, Ryuu was often annoyed about being in the news. Attending the premier with him would remove any lingering questions about their status. They were likely to get many questions. Now, with such an important prospect in front of him, Kouta wasn’t sure he wanted that kind of scrutiny. However, the more confident part of him finally helped him find his voice.