Balance Guys

fantasy-20297_640Kouta: Hi everyone.  I’m here with Ryuu.  We’re glad we’ll have a special place on the site.

Ryuu: Yeah, this was really nice of Octavia, considering you strong-armed her into—

Kouta: Shhh!  We don’t have to get into that. Let’s just have fun with our pages.  Go to Kouta’s Jacuzzi or Ryuu’s Garden to see what we’ll each be sharing.

Ryuu: I know what you’ll be sharing, sitting in a jacuzzi in one of Jiro’s clubs!

Kouta: I’m not going to show everything.  Relax.  I have to admit though, I really do like having access to that VIP area.

Ryuu: Yeah, I know.  I’m not happy that you’re practically naked in an establishment Jiro owns.

Kouta: Maybe we can go there together…

Ryuu: Hmmm….