AG – Chapter 36

Armando walked into the bedroom and had to pause. He tried, but failed, to hold back his laughter. Izdahl was naked and flexing in the full length mirror. Armando couldn’t resist the temptation and went to smack him on his rear.

“Hey!” Izdahl half-heartedly complained.

Armando was about to tease Izdahl, when his playful mood suddenly disappeared. He began to frown.

“Where’d you get that horrible bruise?” he asked.

He’d noticed a black and blue area which started on Izdahl’s left hip and extended up to his ribs. It hadn’t been there the previous night.

“I had the first training session with Metienne early this morning,” Izdahl answered. “You were still asleep, looking quite handsome, by the way.”

“Is there ever a time when I don’t look handsome?” Armando joked. “I did hear you leave but I didn’t realize you’d be starting training today.”

Armando’s limber fingers probed Izdahl’s injury. Izdahl flinched and pushed his hand way.

“That really hurts ‘Mando. Anyway, Metienne kicked me all over the place for four hours. She has some serious power.”

“I’m glad she can keep you in line,” Armando told him. “I want to hear more but I really have to go. Jonas and I have an early meeting with a new client.” Armando peeled himself away from Izdahl’s body. “I can’t be late.”

“Tell Jonas I was naked and you had trouble leaving.”

“I’m sure he’d love to hear about my sex life.”

“He can get some too,” Izdahl quipped, wiggling his hips. Armando shook his head and laughed on his way out of their bedroom.


“You’re being awfully obnoxious this evening,” Armando stated to Izdahl. “You were in a much better mood this morning.”

They were having dinner and Izdahl was being especially belligerent. They been discussing the Nitelge and Human reactions to the announcement about that The Gathering would be open to everyone. They were in disagreement about how much this would help the relationship between the two cultures. Armando was highly optimistic, while Izdahl didn’t believe it would necessarily change things quickly.

Armando was finding Izdahl to be a bit unbearable. His lover had been stubborn from the beginning of the conversation; his attitude hadn’t changed, as the discussion had continued. If anything, it had only become worse.

“Why are you doing this?” Armando finally asked, as his frustration took over.

“We’ve disagreed at other times,” Izdahl pointed out.

“But it’s how you’re making your remarks. I would think, considering how I used to feel about Nitelge and Human interactions, that you’d find my comments were something positive. Instead, you’ve been dismissive of everything I’ve said.”

Izdahl set down his glass of wine and rolled his eyes.

“Oh come on now; don’t be so dramatic.”

“Look, I don’t want to argue with you,” Armando grumbled.

“So, stop speaking,” Izdahl replied sharply.

His flippant tone caused a wounded expression to cross Armando’s face. Armando put down his utensils and glared at him, as he clenched his jaw.

“I think we should stay away from each other for a little while,” Armando said, as he wiped his mouth and put down his napkin. “You can clear the table tonight.”

“Don’t be mad. You know you still want me.” Izdahl gave his lover a smug grin. “Let me slide everything off the table and I can fuck you right here.”

“I’m not touching you, until I feel like it,” Armando told him. “That won’t happen for a long time. Mark my words.” He looked at his watch. “And in case you’ve forgotten, there’ll be a full moon in about four hours; you’re going to regret acting like an ass.”

Izdahl cursed, when he realized his arrogant mistake. Armando was right and Izdahl could already feel that his libido was rising, which mainly accounted for how aggressive he’d been. The energy that coursed through him now could sometimes be incredibly difficult to handle. Sex was his preferred way to reduce the tension. But, he’d upset Armando and knew that his lover had a similar level of stubbornness as him. He sighed and resigned himself to suffering through the long night.

By the time the moon was out, the hormones flooding Izdahl’s system were getting the best of him. He knew that stimulating himself wouldn’t be enough to ease his carnal pain. Yet, his pride wouldn’t let him ask Armando for help. Instead, he filled a tub with iced water and settled into it, trying to freeze away his desire. After fifteen minutes of enjoying him cursing, Armando chuckled and went to him.

“You need some comforting,” Armando said, as he sat on the edge of the tub. He reached between Izdahl’s legs to fondle him.

“Hey!” Izdahl exclaimed. “You’re trying to take advantage of me, when I’m vulnerable.”

“Call it that if you want,” Armando said, increasing his grip on his lover. “I’m actually being kind, despite how you were.”

Izdahl grinned mischievously and pulled him into the tub. Armando quickly became soaked with the frigid water. He hopped back out of the tub and began to shiver.

“Let me make it up to you,” Izdahl said. He released the cold water and began to fill the tub with hot liquid. “Come bathe with me.”

“All in good time; don’t rush me,” Armando tantalized him.

While the water ran, he kept Izdahl entertained by leisurely undressing. Armando casually tossed aside his wet clothes. Then, he reached into the cabinet to get a sex capsule. He bent over and pushed it inside him, making sure Izdahl saw exactly what he was doing. As the temperature of Armando’s body slowly melted the capsule, he became prepared him for Izdahl. Izdahl let out a long shuddering breath of desire, as he enjoyed the view.

“Don’t make me wait anymore,” Izdahl begged.

Armando smiled and settled himself in the tub with Izdahl. He gave Izdahl playful, teasing kisses, which spurred his lover’s yearning.

“I really want you right now,” Izdahl told him.

The evidence of Izdahl’s need was clear, as the tip of his cock extended above the water. He pressed Armando’s hand against him. His graceful fingers found their way to Armando’s crotch and his lover was soon in the same state of arousal.

“You really know how to work me, don’t you?” Armando murmured.

“Definitely,” Izdahl said. “Now straddle me.”

Armando blinked in surprise at the requested.

“Do we have to do it that way?” he asked. “I still feel kind of strange in that position.”

“But it’s one of my favorite ways to have sex with you,” Izdahl responded.

“Because it makes me uncomfortable?” Armando asked, laughing.

“No, it’s just one of our more intimate positions. Making love with you is absolutely the best when we’re face to face.”


They both groaned and Armando gripped Izdahl’s shoulders, as his lover’s thick length began to fill him.

“Tell me more,” Armando requested. “Tell me how you’re feeling.”

“I like to watch your expressions,” Izdahl told him, as he gripped Armando. “You’re really free with them. Now that I’m slowly sinking into you, there’s this furrow in your brow. The deeper I go, the more intense that groove gets.”

Armando moaned and closed his eyes, as he rode Izdahl’s cock. While he wasn’t completely at ease with this position, knowing Izdahl enjoyed it took away most of his embarrassment. Being penetrated while straddling Izdahl felt so different than when they used other positions. Yet, it still had its appeal. For one thing, there was the benefit of seeing Izdahl’s reactions to his movements.

“Keep talking,” Armando said, as he continued riding Izdahl.

“And when you squeeze around me and we’re like this, it even hurts a little but I ah…I like it so much.”

“Don’t you have more to say?” Armando asked, when Izdahl was quiet for a while.

“Yes but it’s a bit difficult right now, ‘Mando,” Izdahl said, chuckling.

“Go on,” Armando encouraged him.

“I like spreading your ass and shoving myself into you.”


“I can’t really talk anymore,” Izdahl moaned. He leaned his head against the wall, his eyes closing.

Armando traced Izdahl’s lips with one thumb and saw Izdahl mouth his name. Izdahl’s chest heaved as he ventured closer to his release. Armando was on his own path.

Everything seemed to slow down and become sharply in focus. Armando followed a large drop of water, as it descended from Izdahl’s neck to his chest and then it made its way into the tub.

Seconds before Izdahl emptied himself inside Armando’s body, Armando had his release. His white ribbons of pleasure infused the water between him and Izdahl.

“Izdahl, we can use this position more often,” Armando said, as their breathing returned to normal.

“I’m glad you feel better about it…However, you’ve totally ruined my bath water.”

Armando laughed and pulled Izdahl’s pubic hair as punishment.


Izdahl ran a finger over Armando’s lips that were reddened from their fierce kissing.

“You’re absolutely incredible tonight,” he told the architect.

Armando laughed, as a flush of embarrassment came to his cheeks. He knew the statement was true.

They’d continued their night of ecstasy, as Armando helped Izdahl ease his frenzy from the moon. When Izdahl tried to pull him close again, he untangled his limbs from those of Izdahl.

“We just made love and you’re already bounding out of bed!” Izdahl looked comically offended, with an exaggerated pout. “Why?”

“Iz, I need to call Jonas before I forget. We have to adjust our strategy to—”

“But where’s the tenderness? No spooning. No sweet kisses.”

“I’ll be back in bed soon,” Armando promised.

“It won’t be the same. You’ve ruined the spell.” Izdahl gave him a long suffering sigh, as if were being neglected.

“Fine. Jonas can wait,” Armando told him. “I’ll always put you at the center of my universe.”

“Okay, that might be laying it on thick.”

“Laying it on thick?” Armando quirked an eyebrow at him. “You mean like you did, when you just came on my back?”

“Oh, is that the real reason why you left the bed? You were upset about it. Well, it’s your fault. You moved forward a bit, just as I was coming. I lost my concentration and slipped out. I felt horrible about it.” Izdahl gave him a sly grin before he added “Or, maybe I like seeing my cream on your skin.”

Armando appraised him for a few moments.

“These full moons bring out an interesting side of you,” Armando told Izdahl. “Ever since your fragment activated, you’ve become more aggressive.”

Izdahl became serious and pulled Armando to sit down next to him.

“Love, have I hurt you, when I’m like this?”

“A little but I don’t mind.”

“I don’t want you to feel like you have to accommodate me. I can’t be the only Core Guardian to be going through this. I can find ways to—”

“Stop. I said I’m fine.”


Armando smoothed a finger over Izdahl’s brow to remove the lines of worries.

“We’re well matched, Izdahl; I can read your moods; I can handle your needs.”

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