Bal – Chapter 16

When Kouta and Ryuu returned to the bedroom, they slowly unclothed each other. Kouta nuzzled his lover’s neck and then blew into Ryuu’s ear.

”You’re in a playful mood now, aren’t you?” Ryuu asked, grinning.

“Yes. Let’s do something a bit different.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Naked hide and seek.”

“Really?” Ryuu asked, laughing softly. He thought about it for a moment. “Okay.”

“Wait, there’s more. You have to be blindfolded.”

“Isn’t that dangerous?”

“Then I guess you’ll just have to be really careful. After all, we don’t want you mashing your cock against a dresser,” Kouta told him. “Seriously, you should be fine.”

“Alright but you have to stay in the bedroom. Plus, when I catch you, you have to put on a blindfold too.”

“Could you possibly add anymore conditions?” Kouta asked, feigning exasperation. “It’s a game! Stop trying to turn it into a contract.”

“I know, I know. I’m sorry. Oh, one more thing…when I catch you—and I will—we’ll have sex.”

“But if you take longer than five minutes to find me, I’m on top.”

“Make it seven and it’s a deal.”

“Deal.” Kouta shook Ryuu’s outstretched hand, as they both pretended it was an incredibly serious matter.

Eager to play, Kouta quickly found a necktie; he changed its function into a blindfold, when he put it on Ryuu. He made sure it was secure and then they started their game. As Kouta watched Ryuu stumble around, he tried hard not to laugh and reveal his position.

“Koutaaa,” Ryuu called out. “Where are you?”

Kouta did his best to stifle any noise from his chuckling.

“Okay, hmmm, the bedroom isn’t that large,” Ryuu  mused. “Are you still even in here, Kou? Respond. Now.”

Kouta wasn’t taken in by Ryuu’s ploy.

“This is going longer than I thought it would,” Ryuu complained.

Kouta grinned and slid by him, a mere five inches away from his left side. He breathed tantalizing hot air on Ryuu’s neck and then deftly avoided his grasp. The frustration on Ryuu’s face was entertaining and Kouta grew bolder. Ryuu yelled at him, after Kouta gave him a playful but hard smack on his rear. “I shouldn’t even be able to get so close to you, two times no less,” Kouta taunted.

As well as he was doing, his self-assurance eventually caused him trouble. He grabbed Ryuu’s cock, giving it a strong squeeze and bolting away from him. Ryuu threatened him in Japanese and Italian. Then he started chasing Kouta with more determination. Kouta was going across the bed to put more distance between them, when his luck ran out. Ryuu managed to grab his ankle.

“Got you!” he shouted, yanking Kouta towards him.

“Damn!” Kouta exclaimed.

“Blindfold time for you too,” Ryuu crowed.

“Wait a minute; let me check the clock.” Kouta saw that more than seven minutes had passed since they’d started playing the game. His eyes gleamed when he realized what that meant. “You know the rules. You took longer than seven minutes to catch me. So, I get to be on top.”

“Before you claim your prize, let me enjoy you blindfolded.”

Ryuu covered Kouta’s eyes and kissed him. He studied Kouta for a moment and then smiled, thinking of what he wanted to do next. He started by kissing Kouta again on his mouth, then his shoulders, slowly descending. The feelings for Kouta were heightened by the fact that he couldn’t see what Ryuu was doing. He didn’t know if he was going to kiss, suck, or nibble. Kouta quickly became more excited and wanted to explore Ryuu’s body too.

“Lay down,” Kouta told him. “I want to be inside you.”

After readying himself, Ryuu reached for Kouta, who then slid gently into him.

“Ryuu,” Kouta sighed with contentment. He mapped Ryuu’s body with his hands and his tongue, mimicking his lover’s earlier actions. The experience was sensual and memorable for both of them.

“We need to make love blindfolded more often,” Ryuu told Kouta.

“Mhmm, I like it when you say ‘make love,’ especially when your voice gives off that low rumble.”

“You like my sexy voice?”

“I like your sexy…everything.”

Ryuu’s pleasant chuckle became a lustful groan as Kouta increased his tempo, pushing more strongly. Ryuu’s hands swept down his body, firmly grasping his rear. Kouta tunneled into him further, approaching his peak. He listened to Ryuu’s fevered breathing, finding clues to how soon he would be coming. Kouta sensed that he was ready to let go. Kouta bent Ryuu’s knees up further, steadily pounding him into the bed, pushing them both towards the edge.

“I’m going to…” Kouta began.

“So am…” Ryuu gasped.

Neither could finish their sentences. Kouta felt Ryuu release at the same time he did. They held each other, their tongues meeting, playing out the same frenzy that had just taken place. Ryuu smoothed Kouta’s damp hair away from his forehead. Kouta smiled at him tenderly, as the heat of their sexual encounter lingered in the air.

“I really enjoyed that,” Kouta murmured.

“Me too…”

Kouta slipped out of Ryuu and then lay at his side. He rested his face against Ryuu’s neck and whispered that he loved him in Italian. The words sent a thrill through Ryuu and he returned them. As they drifted off for a nap, they were both content.

When they awakened a short while later, Kouta’s stomach rumbled, announcing that he was hungry. He looked at the clock. It was just past one.

They ordered a special lunch from La Primavera, with Kouta requesting that Ryuu choose the menu. He selected chicken stuffed with cheese and broccoli, along with fettuccini and breadsticks, as the main course. The tiramisu was for dessert. He’d also chosen a bottle of white wine dated exactly 10 years earlier than their anniversary. Ryuu gave Kouta a meaningful look, as he displayed the date. Kouta smiled at the thoughtful gesture, pleased at what Ryuu had done.

“What would you like to do next?” Ryuu asked, as he poured a glass of wine for Kouta. “I know we didn’t want to make any big plans but, we’re so indecisive right now. Most of our day is going to be spent wondering how to pass the time.”

“Spontaneity has its benefits.”


“We should go out and do something.” Kouta thought for a moment. “You want to play billiards?”

“Yeah! I’d like to win—as I did the last time we had a game,” Ryuu said, giving Kouta a teasing glance.

Kouta paused, his fork halfway to his mouth. He gave Ryuu an incredulous look.

“You distracted me; that’s why I lost,” he reminded his lover.

“No; you’re an amateur.”

“Well, I’ve beaten you before, Ryuu. Shall we make a bet?”

“You and your bets.” Ryuu shook his head and chuckled. “The first time I made a bet with you, I ended up with weeks of blue balls.”

Kouta laughed loudly, thinking of the early days of their relationship.

“Don’t be cowardly,” he gently chided.

“Fine, set the terms,” Ryuu replied.

“Hmmm…The person who loses has to…ah…wear pink panties…And oh yes, there will be pictures.”

“That’s the first thing that came to your mind?” Ryuu asked, eyeing Kouta with feigned alarm. “And you just have pink panties lying around?”

“No. We can get a pair before or after the game.”

“Right and if there are any paparazzi stalking us…”

“Who cares? Don’t try to use that as a way to bow out.”

“Fine then, you’re buying them. I’ll stay in the car.”

“Why?” Kouta playfully challenged. “Are you scared of pink, lacey panties?”

“Actually, yes,” Ryuu replied, trying to keep a straight face. “It’s a huge phobia of mine…and therapy isn’t even helping.”

“Then I’ll have to make sure you lose. I want you cowering in a corner, dressed in the ‘unmentionables’ of course.”


After lunch, they left with their personal billiard cues, looking forward to a serious competition. They drove to the Koldun Billiards Hall, which was also owned by Jiro. The clientele was even more exclusive than at Jiro’s club.

An hour into playing 8-ball, Ryuu and Kouta had each won two games. The fifth one would be the deciding factor. Kouta felt that he had a good chance at beating Ryuu in the best-of-five session. At the moment, Kouta had three solids and four striped balls remained in play for Ryuu.

“Don’t look so smug,” Ryuu said. “I have a chance of winning.”

“Your aim has been off,” Kouta told him. “I’m going to take advantage of that.”

Kouta positioned his cue, preparing to increase his success. But, he missed his shot and Ryuu smiled.

“This is where I make you cry,” he said. Kouta watched him sink ball after ball, stunned by his ability. After sending his last ball into the chosen pocket, Ryuu slid by Kouta and whispered into his ear. “You’ll be so pretty in pink.”

Kouta chuckled and shook his head. He watched Ryuu get ready to pocket the 8-ball. Ryuu paused for effect, pandering to the audience that had gathered during their second game. There were also a series of friendly wagers happening.

Kouta bit down on his lip as the cue ball made contact with the 8-ball. The 8 rolled towards the right corner pocket, spun around the rim three times, moving more slowly the third time. And then it began a journey backwards to Ryuu.  Kouta had a loud, strong belly-aching laugh.

“Fuck!” Ryuu shouted. Some of the onlookers expressed their amusement, jeering him good-naturedly.

“I recommend more finesse,” Kouta told him. “Now, if you please, I believe I have a game to win.”  Kouta shut his eyes to focus for a few seconds, wanting to be the victor. He was already envisioning Ryuu in the pink underwear.

“Stop praying!” Ryuu mocked. “Unless, of course, you truly need the gods to help you.”

Kouta gave him a pretend glare, thinking it would be so sweet to make him suffer. He then turned his full attention to the task at hand and took aim. With just the right amount of force, he sent the 8-ball into the spot he wanted.

“Now that is how you do it!” Kouta exclaimed, proceeding to gloat. “Would you like more detailed instructions? An animated presentation perhaps?”

“You know I let you win.”

Those who had been watching laughed, enjoying the spectacle the two were creating.

Kouta gently bruised Ryuu’s ego for a few more moments. Then he showed him mercy, at least for the time being. He was contemplating what would happen later, while Ryuu bought them drinks.  They settled at the bar and started a relaxing chat with other clients. They were in the middle of a conversation, when they heard Jiro call out to them.

“Hey lovebirds,” he teased. Then his voice became louder, carrying through most of the establishment. “The next two rounds of drinks are on me. This is Kouta and Ryuu’s second anniversary.”

“And we couldn’t possibility keep it quiet now,” Ryuu said, chuckling.

“You’re among friends here,” Jiro said, patting him on the back, as he wedged himself between Ryuu and Kouta.

“Hi Jiro,” Kouta said, wondering what he was up to now.

“Hey.” Jiro looked at him through half-closed eyes. “Is this guy treating well?”

“Yes,” Kouta responding, laughing. Though they had only dated for a short while, Jiro still remained protective of him.

Jiro turned to Ryuu, preparing to be mischievous.

“If you mess things up, he’ll come running to me,” Jiro told him.

Ryuu leaned back and looked past Jiro for a moment, staring Kouta directly in his eyes. And then he returned his attention to Jiro.

“He’s never going to be yours again,” Ryuu responded. “I’m not making any more mistakes with Kouta. You can sit between us. But no one will ever really exist between us.”

Kouta smiled, hearing the conviction in Ryuu’s voice.

“You liked that, didn’t you?’ Jiro teased him.

“Yeah,” Kouta admitted quietly. “I did.”

“Don’t mess it up,” Jiro said. Then, when he sauntered off to chat with more patrons, Ryuu slid even closer to Kouta. Kouta looked at him, laughing.

“I don’t want to give anyone else ideas,” Ryuu explained. “You’re all mine.”

The two spent a few more hours at the hall, playing against others. Then, they returned home, after making a quick stop, so Kouta could enjoy his victory.

They went inside and the pets greeted them. Nami curled her long tail around one of Ryuu’s legs. Aki began circling Kouta, rapidly moving her little Dachshund body and he picked her up. He held her and tickled her under her chin.

“You guys can only get a little attention right now,” Kouta told his pets. “Ryuu’s about to play dress-up for me.”

“There’s no rush.”

“Stop stalling,” Kouta told him. He laughed when Ryuu purposely dragged his feet on the way to the bedroom. “I’m not changing my mind. We had a deal. Now strip.”

Kouta sat down on the edge of the bed and watched Ryuu take off his clothes and don the pink undergarment.

“Hey sweetness, these panties feel mighty sexy on you,” Kouta said, fondling his crotch. Ryuu started to back away from Kouta but he was pulled back to his original position.

Kouta slid his hands into the panties, which was already being stretched by Ryuu’s hardening cock.

“It’s obvious you enjoy this,” Kouta said. “Why pretend otherwise?”

“Maybe I like to pretend…”

“Oh…” Kouta looked at him, intrigued, as Ryuu took on a deferential demeanor.

“May I kiss you, Master?” Ryuu asked, his eyes avoiding Kouta’s.

Kouta was caught off guard at first but then he began to act too.

“Yes, my pet.”

Ryuu pressed his lips to Kouta’s, his tongue sliding inside Kouta’s mouth.

“Did I give you permission to get bold like that?” Kouta demanded.

“No, Master. Forgive me. I was only allowed to kiss you, nothing more.”

“Exactly, you’d better learn how to listen,” Kouta instructed. “Now, prepare to pose for pictures. I want to see complete enthusiasm or else you will be punished.”

A few minutes later, Ryuu was positioning himself in several ways, under Kouta’s direction. Kouta had him pose with his hand down his crotch, ordering him to stare intensely at the camera, even as a flush crept up his face. The second shot featured Ryuu lying on his stomach, looking back at Kouta with a teasing smile gracing his face.

“Pet, that was very satisfying,” Kouta told him. “Come here.”

Ryuu stood before him, head bowed and eyes averted.

“Was that embarrassing for you?” Kouta asked.

“Yes,” Ryuu admitted. “But it was what you wanted…”

“That’s right and I want more.” Kouta paused. “Now, get me some scissors.”

It seemed as if Ryuu was going to ask Kouta why but he stopped himself. He retrieved scissors from the bathroom and placed them in Kouta’s hands.  Kouta took the top section of the panties and began to slowly cut, watching Ryuu’s eyes widen as the cold metal touched his cock.

“It’s such a good thing I have steady hands,” Kouta whispered.

“Master, please be careful…”

“Be quiet,” Kouta said. “Now would be the worst time to upset me.”

Kouta finished cutting at a pace that pleased him, watching beads of sweat appear on Ryuu’s forehead. Kouta’s glacial progress with the scissors had Ryuu on the brink of fidgeting but they both understood the importance of him keeping still. When the panties fell away, they curled around one of his muscular legs, as if reluctant to be separated from his attractive body.

“Return these to their place,” Kouta said, handing him the scissors. “And come back to stand in front of me.” Ryuu did as he was told.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” Kouta asked.

“Master, I’m…I’m ashamed to admit what I really feel.” Ryuu cast his eyes downwards, affecting a bashful demeanor.

“Tell me,” Kouta encouraged.

Ryuu shook his head shyly and his hands went to hide a well-developed erection.

“Don’t be ashamed, pet,” Kouta said, loving that Ryuu was really getting into his role.

“Make the most of your reaction, stroke yourself.”

“Must I?”

“Are you defying me?” Kouta demanded his tone sharp.

“No! I’m sorry!” Ryuu exclaimed, even backing up and bowing in apology. He slowly wrapped his fingers around himself and proceeded.

“That’s it,” Kouta said. “Go a little faster now. Don’t hold back.”

When Ryuu was about to let go, he grabbed the edge of the dresser, his head thrown back, neck exposed. Kouta kissed the muscles of his neck, as they tightened under the strain of him releasing. When he came, Kouta caught the evidence of Ryuu’s pleasure in his hand. Then he had Ryuu swallow every bit. When he finished, Kouta licked some of the beads of sweat that had risen on his throat.

“You did well,” Kouta told him.

“I’m glad I could please you, my Master,” Ryuu murmured. “However, I feel dirty for what I’ve done in front of you.”

“There’s no need to ever hide these kinds of things from me.”

“As my Master wishes.” Ryuu lowered his eyelashes for a few seconds and then slowly raised them, in full flirtation mode. Kouta felt his already existing hard-on become even firmer.

“Man! You are so fucking hot!” Kouta exclaimed, completely breaking away from being calm and in control. They looked at each other and laughed at Kouta’s outburst.

“Was I a good little pet?’ Ryuu asked.

“Oh yeah, you’re a great little pet,” Kouta teased, smacking him on his ass. “Did the scissors bother you?”

“A little,” Ryuu admitted. “But I knew I was in good hands.”

Kouta smiled and gave him a kiss.

“Thank you for agreeing to the role-play,” he told Ryuu.

“We’re not finishing playing.” Ryuu gently pushed him and Kouta fell back on the bed.

Ryuu picked up the remains of the panties and returned to the bed. Then, he twisted the clothing and wrapped it around the base of Kouta’s cock. The pink of the panties rivaled the rush of blood that quickly darkened his tip. Ryuu fondled Kouta’s balls and then popped each section into his mouth, nibbling gently. Tightening and loosening the panties at intervals, Ryuu played with Kouta’s emotions.

“Ryuu, please…” Kouta gasped out.

He groaned and began to run his fingers through Ryuu’s hair. Ryuu made him stay in sexual purgatory, taking his mouth off Kouta and blowing air against his skin. Kouta’s cock twitched, as more pre-cum slid down to his base.

“Love,” he murmured. “I really want to come.”

Ryuu took him deep, contracting his throat muscles to milk Kouta. Soon, come shot out of Kouta hard and fast. After several thick blasts coated Ryuu’s tongue, he thought Kouta was finished. But as he was pulling away, another round landed on his lips. He licked up all of Kouta’s essence.

“You really tapped into me for that one,” Kouta said.

“I’m about to tap into you even deeper,” Ryuu said, as he reached for lube. “Turn over.”

Still in an orgasmic daze, Kouta flipped his body and got up on his knees.

“I enjoy being inside you so much,” Ryuu whispered, as he pushed into him.

He trailed his fingers lightly over Kouta’s skin, knowing that the slight tickling effect would make his lover tremble. Then, he held onto Kouta’s shoulders. Making every stroke count, he soon had Kouta gripping the sheets.

When they came together, Ryuu held him closely, wanting their bodies to be touching as much as possible. Afterwards, they lay in each other’s arms, quietly talking.

“I really liked what you said, Ryuu—I mean at the billiard hall.”

“It’s true. You don’t have to worry.”

“I’ve never cared about anyone this much. I don’t want things to go wrong between us again.”

“Neither do I love. And I need to do better by understanding what’s important to you. Maybe we can start by me going on a ride with you, at least once.”

“You mean on my cycle? Really?” Kouta wasn’t sure he’d heard Ryuu correctly.

“Yeah. It would be a great way to end the day.”

“We can’t go unless we get a helmet for you first.”

“About that…”

Ryuu got out of bed and went to the study. He soon returned with a new helmet that he’d purchased and hidden two weeks earlier. He put it on his head and struck a pose, flexing his biceps. Kouta began to laugh, as he enjoyed Ryuu wearing nothing but a helmet.


They went bike riding, ending up near Tokyo Bay. They looked out on the water, watching lights reflect off the liquid surface. The Rainbow Bridge, which led to Odaiba Amusement Park, was vividly decorated with green, white and red lamps. There was also the Giant Sky Wheel, its structure a dominating presence.

“This has definitely been one of my favorite days,” Kouta told Ryuu, when they returned home.

“The same for me. Did you enjoy the presents?”

“I did…And Ryuu, thank you for understanding about the bike.”

“Well, I was being very selfish. More than enough time has passed. I shouldn’t be so paranoid.”

“I’ll be extra careful,” Kouta said.

“I hope so Kou,” Ryuu murmured against his mouth. “I don’t want to lose you.”

“You won’t.”

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