VaiTides – Chapter 05

“Who’s my special niece?” Darion asked, cradling Ziilin in his arms. “I’ve brought so many gifts for you today.”

The three-year-old girl, who was a mini replica of her mother, giggled when her uncle tickled her.

“You and your gifts; you’re spoiling her, just like you do her brother,” Aleena, Darion’s twin sister, said.

“That’s right. It’s what uncles do,” Darion answered, throwing Ziilin up in the air. Zii shrieked with laughter as she went high above her uncle’s head.

“I’m glad you were able to visit,” Aleena told him. “Prymar missed you. Last week, he said to me, ‘Did Uncle Dar forget us?’ and he looked so sad.”

“Yes, I’m sorry about that. I’ve been quite busy lately.”

“He’ll be very excited to see you.”

“Maybe this weekend I can take him and his little sis to Somyan Amusement Park. You and Kano can have some time alone to get into mischief, maybe create another niece or nephew for me.”

“Speaking of mischief…” Aleena began, ignoring her brother’s teasing, “What exactly is going on between you and Tolrek Marou?”

Darion saw a gleam of interest come into her eyes, which were the same steel-gray shade as his. He looked at his sister, feeling a bit wary. She could get things out of him that he would rarely admit, even to himself.

Aleena narrowed her piercing gaze, her expression becoming more demanding.

“Well, are you getting into ‘mischief’ with him?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Brother, people are talking.”

“If they cannot make their comments to my face, then they don’t matter.”

“That’s true. Still, this situation is very unique, don’t you think?”

“Yes. I’m also handling it in a unique way.” Darion smiled teasingly at his sister. “And I won’t be fueling your gossiping.”

“I don’t gossip about you,” Aleena told him, feeling offended at the accusation. “People ask me questions and I do my best to answer. You’re the one who made yourself famous. What do you expect?”

“That’s no reason for you to pry.”

“I am only looking out for your interests,” Aleena insisted. “You know I want to defend you against—-”

“I can handle myself.”

“Darion, stop being obnoxious!”

“You are definitely my twin in that regard.” Darion chuckled.

“You won’t be laughing, once you hear Ashrom’s response.”

“Oh yes, our dear older brother…” Darion sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Ashrom is all about the proper protocol,” Aleena reminded her brother. “He’ll lecture you on how you’re making the family look.”

“Thankfully, he likes to give his lectures in person,” Darion grunted, derisively. “Since he’s all the way in Tildar, I don’t have to worry about him, at least not any time soo—”

“Play! Now!” Ziilin shouted, banging her little fists against her uncle’s knees. Darion grinned at her childish audacity.

“That was not nice,” Aleena scolded firmly.

“I’m sorry, Momma,” Ziilin murmured, her amber eyes quickly filling with tears.

“Sweetheart, you don’t have to cry,” Aleena soothed. “Just remember to be polite.”

“Yes, Momma,” the little girl nodded.

Darion brushed away Zii’s tears and gave her a hug.

“Prymar should be finished with school soon, shouldn’t he?” he asked, looking at his watch. “Let’s go meet him.”

“Sure,” Aleena agreed. “He’d love for us to do that. He tells all his friends about you.”

A short while later, Aleena, Ziilin and Darion arrived at Efida Academy, one of the nation’s most rigorous educational institutions for children. Along with his niece and Aleena, Darion waited in the courtyard. Several people came to chat with them, passing the time before the final bell of the day rang. Amidst the hurricane of students dressed in their blue and burgundy uniforms, Prymar emerged, seeing that his uncle had come for him.

“Uncle Dar!” the seven-year-old exclaimed, his amber eyes lighting up.

“Did you miss me?” Darion asked.

“Not at all,” Prymar said, trying not to laugh.

“That’s not what your Mother told me.” Darion poked him in his side.

“Well, maybe I missed you a little,” Prymar admitted, laughing. He gave his sister a hug and then quickly escaped a kiss from his mother.

“Momma, not in public, please,” the youngster requested, looking pained.  Aleena and Darion both laughed.

“Uncle Dar, will you say hello to my friends?”

A small crowd of children had gathered, staring at the negotiator who they had seen on television. When Darion had spoken to them and made sure Prymar had all of his things, everyone went to Darion’s car.

Aleena was securing her daughter in the car when Prymar pulled his uncle aside. After leading Darion a short distance away from the vehicle, Prymar checked to see that no one was too close to them. Then, he brought up the pressing subject that was on his mind.

“So, Uncle, I have a man to man question for you…” Prymar stated.

“Really?” Darion asked, keeping a straight face.

“Yes. There is this girl at school. I think she is cute—even though she is a girl and they can be trouble. Understand so far?”

“Yes, I’m following surprisingly well, actually.”

“Good. Now, can I make her my Pet?”

“Um…” Darion was momentarily at a loss for words. “Have you discussed this with your parents?”

“I did but they were laughing too much to give me an answer. I don’t know why.”

“You can’t just turn someone into a Pet, Prymar.”

“You did that with the rebel leader,” Prymar pointed out. “Momma and Dad talk about it. My friends say their parents talk about it too.”

“Well, those circumstances are different.”


“They just are.”

“That’s not a very good answer, Uncle Dar,” Prymar stated, his mouth twisted in exasperation .

“You’re right. When I figure it all out, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, only get furry pets.”


Makdan stared at Darion, not believing what he had just heard.

“Let me make sure I heard you correctly. You punished Tolrek for over an hour with the ring? On the highest level?”

“Yes,” Darion responded. He reclined further in his arm chair, thinking yet again about the expression he’d seen on Tolrek’s face.

The two were chatting in Darion’s study. Makdan was curious about how Tolrek was responding to being a Pet. He’d expected some interesting details. However, he’d had no idea that Darion had followed his idle suggestion about how to make Tolrek obedient.

“When I recommended that type of ring to you, I told you to be careful,” Makdan reminded him. “You could have done some serious damage.”

“I know,” Darion sighed. “Anyway, it doesn’t matter now. That was almost a month ago and it turned out well in the end.”

“That’s only because he was so fit, you sadist.”

“He’s the real sadist,” Darion said, laughing. “He keeps antagonizing me. In fact just yesterday he bit my finger. I was feeding him and he chomped on me like I’d done something to him.”

“You did,” Makdan replied, dryly. “You turned him into a Pet. I told you it wouldn’t be easy. I’m surprised he hasn’t seriously rebelled. He could just be biding his time. I wouldn’t encourage you to get too comfortable.”

“I’ll take your advice under proper consideration.”

“That translates to ‘I will be ignoring you, Mak’ or something ruder.”

“Maybe,” Darion murmured, smiling slightly.

“Well, I think I’ve heard enough of your madness,” Makdan said, rising to leave. “I just wanted to see how your little project was going.”

The two left Darion’s study, running into Tolrek, who was exiting the kitchen.  Tolrek, brazen as usual, paused and stared directly at Makdan. Bothered by the challenging gaze, Makdan decided to see if he could annoy Darion’s Pet.

“He’s quite handsome, Darion. Have you taken him yet?”

“Not as much as he’s taken you,” Tolrek responded, casting a derisive look at Makdan and walking off.

“Are you going to let him speak to me like that?”

“I give him a great deal of leeway,” Darion remarked, laughing. “He sometimes abuses his privileges. That was really your fault, though. You should have known better.”

Makdan scowled at his friend but couldn’t find a suitable response.

While Darion finished seeing Makdan out, Tolrek occupied himself by going to the study.

Makdan can be such an asshole, Tolrek thought, as he perused the books. I wish he’d stay away.

Not finding anything that he wanted on the shelves, he spied an already open book of poetry on Darion’s desk. He realized it was by Anrina Kolya. He settled comfortably into a leather chair, thumbing through some of her poems that he enjoyed the most.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Tolrek heard Fei demand, as he was submerging himself into the work. He blew out a sigh of annoyance.

“I saw this book here and so I’m enjoying it, if you must know.”

“You read?” Fei teased. “A buffoon like you?”

In truth, Tolrek was quite intelligent, graduating near the top of his class from Efida Academy. He’d later attended Delcam Air Force Academy where he’d been a premier student, ultimately gaining a position to be one of the few Krezka pilots.

“Not only can I read, I can also dismantle computers.”

“You’d never even know where to start with me,” Fei laughed, derisively.

Tolrek opted to ignore the computer and went back to his reading. Halsam soon interrupted him.

“Oh, that’s a favorite collection of Darion’s,” Halsam informed him.

“Please tell me you’re joking.”

“I’m not.”

“Why didn’t you keep that to yourself?”

“His favorite poem is also Vaironian Tides…” Halsam looked at Tolrek pointedly.

The poem was about two personalities who frequently warred but who were deeply attracted to each other. The poet had likened the individuals to tides, forces of nature that had a strong effect on each other, as well as their surroundings. Tolrek was well aware of that. And, he didn’t appreciate the all-knowing expression on Halsam’s face.

“Are you trying to say that’s how Darion and I are?” Tolrek demanded.

Halsam laughed playfully but, wisely, he didn’t voice his thoughts on the matter.

“It’s time for dinner,” he said.

“You didn’t have to come all the way here to tell me that.”

“I know but I like talking to you,” the servant admitted. “I’m often curious about what you’ll do next.”

“Stalker. You’re making me sick to my stomach.” Tolrek put the book aside and rose from his seat. Halsam grinned cheekily at him. Tolrek noticed that the young man had gotten bolder, even daring to tease him.

“Maybe we need to have another session with a towel,” Tolrek jokingly threatened.

“I have Darion to protect me. I saw the damage he did to your a—”

Tolrek’s quick jab to Halsam’s stomach took his breath away, making his eyes water but the young man still laughed.

Tolrek grabbed him in a headlock and half-walked, half-dragged him towards the dining room. On the way there, the two ran into Darion, who gave them a warning look. Tolrek quickly let Halsam go, making the servant snicker.


Tolrek had been in a pensive mood all day. Over the three months he’d spent in the Navarr household, he’d had his customary bath, enjoying the attention Halsam lavished on him. Today though, it was different. Instead of having Halsam see to his cleansing needs, he opted to stay in his room and take a shower. He didn’t want to soak for almost an hour in water heated to a temperature perfectly suited for his body. He didn’t want to be touched. He didn’t want to be around anyone. He just wanted to be alone, reconsidering how he was acting.

He wasn’t supposed to be accepting pampering. He was a warrior. He was never to forget what he had been taught at the military academy, the hours he’d spent piloting his Krezka, the fellow pilots who had been lost in combat. Those memories were supposed to keep him from letting Darion affect him. However, he was finding that, overtime, the negotiator was occupy more space in his mind.

Ever since he had come to Darion’s home, Tolrek had done so many things he’d found surprising. He should have been rebelling more. He should have wanted Darion to stay as far away from him, as much as possible. Yet, when Darion left for work, he found himself feeling disappointment. He looked forward to the weekend when Darion would spend most of his time at home. The two would sometimes play games of strategy, exchanging obnoxious comments when a particularly clever move was made. None of those things were supposed to be happening. Tolrek was in captivity, regardless of how opulent his surroundings were, regardless of how much he wanted the one who was keeping him pinned down.

He had to find a task that would also represent what he held to be most important, something to occupy the many hours. He’d tried repeatedly to find a suitable pastime. Yet, one thought repeatedly occupied his mind. He was currently resting on his bed, awake late into the night, wondering why Darion hadn’t taken things further.

It had been several weeks since the incident with Darion in the simulation room. He’d been ready and willing to let things reach the conclusion to which they’d steadily been heading. However, not so much as a kiss had taken place since then. Maybe Darion’s words before Tolrek had left the simulation room had meant nothing.  Maybe that last comment was just something aimed at causing him to do exactly what he was doing now. Pondering. Pondering! Pondering!

Tolrek blew out a long, frustrated sigh and got off the bed. He had to find some momentary relief from the images plaguing him. He decided he would get some fresh air. Deep down inside though, his real hope was that in leaving his room, he’d see Darion.

The door to his room slid aside, letting him into the hallway and he made his way to the balcony. Not for the first time, he scanned the well-manicured lawn below, calculating how much damage he’d sustained if he jumped. Of course, according to Fei, the collar around his neck would automatically alert her to his escape and he’d be stopped quite swiftly. Still, there could come a time when he’d try to prove her wrong; that was just how he operated.

“Are you enjoying the night breeze?” Fei interrupted his musing.

“I was,” he responded, pointedly.

“It’s too bad Darion isn’t enjoying it with you,” Fei said. “He’s probably having a great date.”

Tolrek’s shoulders tensed but he kept quiet, not wanting to give Fei the satisfaction from  disturbing him.

“Would you like to know who’s with him right now?” Fei goaded.

Tolrek went back inside, his desire to see Darion gone. He hadn’t even expected the comment to bother him at all.At that moment, Darion returned home.

“What are you still doing awake?” Darion asked, surprised to see Tolrek up at this hour.

Tolrek gave him a look the negotiator couldn’t completely decipher and walked off to his room. Darion was sure there had been an edge of anger in the rebel’s eyes.

“Fei, did you do something to him again?” Darion demanded.

“Did you not do something?” Fei joked.

“You’re speaking in riddles.”

“Let’s just say that you have some explaining to do.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Well, it’s almost 2 AM and you’ve only now returned home.”

“It’s the end of the work week!” Darion responded, incredulous. “And the last time I checked, I don’t have a curfew.”

“Whatever. Maybe you’ll stop in to say goodnight to Tolrek.”

“It looks like he’s in a bad mood.”

“Maybe he wouldn’t be, if you hadn’t been out on a date.”

“What? Is your memory bank faulty? I told you I would be at Reya’s place, talking to her about checking you out.”

“You mean like she did you?” Fei crowed, enjoying her wordplay.

“Actually, we discussed getting more images for your holographic gallery,” Darion explained. “However, given your recent comments, I might have to cancel everything I ordered.”

“No, I take back what I said,” Fei responded quickly.

“I thought you might,” Darion chuckled. “Now I’m off to bed.”

On the way to his chambers, he paused by Tolrek’s room. At Darion’s command, the door slid aside. Darion took in the sight of Tolrek doing sit-ups, his body glistening with sweat. Darion’s mind flashed back to when he’d first told Tolrek he’d become his Pet. Tolrek had been working out then too and he’d looked just as good.

“It’s a bit late for exercising, isn’t it?” Darion asked.

“I don’t know. Is it?”

Darion paused, momentarily put off by the coldness in Tolrek’s voice. He had thought they were past the point of Tolrek responding to him in icy tones for no apparent reason.

“Were you waiting up for me?” Darion teased.

“Of course. For hours. My nipples became hard with the mere anticipation.”

Tolrek’s words were coated with his special brand of acidic derision. Inside he was stinging, knowing he was at least partially speaking the truth. That awareness added venom to his comments.

“Why are you acting this way?” Darion asked, quietly. He knew Tolrek could be obnoxious but he hadn’t provoked him.

Tolrek didn’t answer; he only stared pointedly at Darion. After a few moments, of silence, Darion shook his head and left the rebel’s room.

When the negotiator had arrived home, he’d been pleasantly surprised to find Tolrek awake. He was eager to let the rebel know of the gift he had in mind for him. A few weeks earlier, he’d noticed Tolrek’s growing annoyance with his idleness. While the rebel hadn’t complained, Darion was in tune with his needs. The negotiator understood that a prolonged restlessness was plaguing him.

Today, Darion had found something he was sure Tolrek would enjoy. He’d wanted to arrive home much earlier, excited about telling his Pet what he’d acquired. However, he had run into Makdan and Reya. There was a lengthy conversation between the three of them, which led to dinner at their favorite restaurant. Afterwards, he’d gone to Reya’s home, where she’d shown him her newest plans for upgrading Fei. That all resulted in him returning home later than he’d intended.

He supposed he would tell Tolrek his idea at another time. Though he could force him to listen now, it would remove any pleasure from doing so. He didn’t want the importance of his gift to be dulled by Tolrek’s foul mood.

The next day, gauging that Tolrek was in a better frame of mind, Darion approached him.

“Tolrek, I’ve found something for you to do.”

“Okay…” Tolrek looked at Darion, wary.

Darion presented to Tolrek a picture of his Krezka unit, M-01. The Krezka was also referred to as Alrak Nor, Vaironian for Thunder God, as Tolrek had called it.

“What does this mean?” Tolrek demanded.

“It’s a reminder.”

“I could never forget Alrak,” Tolrek said, looking insulted.

“No, wait…Listen, just follow me.”

Curious, Tolrek walked behind Darion to a room he had never before entered. It was empty except for a large wooden table and clusters of various amounts of metals and tools. On the table was a copy of the plans used to construct his Krezka.

“This is all a matter of trust, Tolrek,” Darion began. “I’ve provided you with what’s necessary to construct a replica of your Krezka. Do not make me regret it.”

Tolrek was speechless. He wasn’t sure if Darion was serious.

“You don’t like it?” Darion asked.

Tolrek was taking a long time to respond.

Maybe I’ve been stupid after all, Darion thought. His confusion about how to treat Tolrek, as a prisoner, a treasured Pet or an equal lover, surfaced again.

“Never mind,” he said. “I’ll take the materials back. I—”

“No, don’t do that, please…Thank you.”

Are words really supposed to give this much pleasure? Darion wondered, feeling a thrill go through his body.

“You can start building as soon as you want. The replica will be as much as 7-feet tall.”

“Can I start right now?” Tolrek asked, eagerly.

“I suppose…”

The first deeply genuine grin Darion had seen came from Tolrek. That grin showcased the dimples in the rebel’s cheeks. Darion found himself charmed by that. Here was the nation’s most elite warrior, someone who’d become a rebel, who sometimes was unbearably distant, openly showing boyish delight in a gift.

Over the next few weeks, Tolrek made steady progress, happily working on his project. At times, he’d tell Darion about his success with creating a new portion of his machine.


Tolrek was returning from the bath, a towel wrapped around his waist. His mind was on the progress he’d made putting together the replica of Alrak. Immersed in the next steps he wanted to take, he almost bumped into Darion.

“I hope you were more alert on the battlefield,” Darion joked.

“Sorry,” Tolrek murmured.

Darion noted that his response was quiet and shy, unusual for Tolrek. In truth, ever since the gift, Tolrek was even more unsure of how to react to Darion.

“Are you alright?” Darion asked.

“I’m fine. I’m just tired.”

“Will you be going to bed now?”


The two stood there, the need to say what was truly on their minds hanging in the air.

“Tolrek, the last time in the simulation room—”

“I’m really tired,” Tolrek hurriedly cut off Darion. He found that he wasn’t actually ready to handle the prospect of what could happen, should the conversation continue.

“Then get some sleep,” Darion chuckled knowingly, returning to his chambers.

Tolrek sighed and walked towards his own room. The door to it wasn’t opening. He wondered if the sensors were having a minor malfunction. He stepped away from the door; then he moved towards it. Again, the door stayed shut. He cursed in frustration.

He’d stayed up late into the night, working on his Krezka. He’d gotten stalled at one point; two portions intended to form a joint had not connected as smoothly as he’d wanted. He’d decided to end things temporarily, take a soothing bath and then get some rest. In the morning, after some sleep, he was sure he’d see a way past his current difficulties. Now, however, he couldn’t even get into his room to rest. He didn’t want to wake up Arjan or Halsam. There was probably nothing they could do about it anyway.

He asked Fei for help. She only laughed at his request, having been the cause of his problem. He was reluctant to go to Darion for assistance but realized that was his best option.

Darion was thinking about how Tolrek had wanted to avoid the conversation earlier, when he heard a knock on the door. He looked up at the video-panel to the left of the door and saw that it was Tolrek. He wondered if the rebel had changed his mind about the conversation.

“Enter,” Darion said.

“Fei locked me out of my room,” Tolrek began. “Make her stop.”

“Let him in, you stubborn computer,” Darion commanded, his voice sharp.

“Oh settle down,” Fei responded. “It was merely a joke. And you should see this as an opportunity.”

“Do anything else tonight and I’ll—”

“Alright, Darion. I’ll leave him alone.”

“Thank you,” Tolrek told Darion. “Goodnight.”

“Wait, I’ll need to make sure Fei listened,” Darion murmured. He followed Tolrek to his room and the door slid aside.

“See, it’s working again,” Tolrek said, now feeling a small sense of panic.

“Let me check your room too,” Darion told him, entering and looking around. “Just in case.”

“What do you mean, ‘just in case’,” Fei teased. “Do you think I put a bomb in his bed?”

“Be quiet, Fei,” Darion grumbled.

“Satisfied?” Tolrek asked. “There’s no danger lurking in here.”

“Are you sure?” Darion responded, giving him a meaningful look. He stepped closer to Tolrek.

“What are you doing?”

“Finishing what we started. Haven’t you been thinking about it? About what happened in the simulation room?”

“I’ve had more important issues on my mind,” Tolrek replied, turning his back to Darion.

“Really?” Darion asked. He stood directly behind Tolrek, his bare chest brushing against the rebel’s heated skin. He bent his head and placed his lips against Tolrek’s bare shoulder.

The kiss on his shoulder was unexpected, the gentleness in it especially taking him by surprise. Tolrek closed his eyes, willing his mind to push away the images that flooded to him. He was imagining Darion’s mouth on him, taking him inside and then doing much more.

Darion went to stand in front of him.

“We both knew it would come to this,” he said, bending his head.

Tolrek responded, tilting his head, his tongue eagerly tasting Darion’s. Their mouths still connected, Darion reached down, undoing Tolrek’s towel. Darion found that Tolrek was already well on his way to being hard.

Moving towards the bed, they fell back on it with Tolrek underneath Darion. He eased the negotiator’s linen pants off him and Darion threw them aside. Tolrek looked down between their bodies.

“You want to see?” Darion asked, moving back to give him a full view. Tolrek smiled in appreciation, looking forward to paying more attention to Darion’s cock. When his hands made their way to Darion’s crotch, the negotiator stopped him.

“Wait,” Darion said. “Right now, I want to concentrate on you.”

Darion’s hand moved across Tolrek’s chest, then down to his abdomen. Years of rigid exercise had sculpted it. Darion continued his journey, bypassing the obvious protrusion at the juncture of Tolrek’s thighs that was straining for attention. Instead, the negotiator made his way to one of the rebel’s thighs and then the other, massaging the flesh.

“I’m not a side of beef to examine, Darion.”

“I just want to get to know you better.” The negotiator chuckled.

“Well, you’re certainly doing that now,” Tolrek said. The laugh that followed turned into a groan.

The head of Tolrek’s cock quickly became coated with slippery pre-cum. Darion wrapped a hand around him, firmly stroking him. Tolrek’s breathing became heavier. Darion watched his face, smiling when he closed his eyes, his face etched with pleasure. Tolrek put one hand over the negotiator’s, encouraging him to use a stronger grip. Darion complied, watching the play of emotions that crossed the rebel’s face.

“Darion,” Tolrek gasped out. “I’m really close to coming. But I don’t want to, not right this second. Get to the main event.”

“Alright,” Darion responded, laughing. “We’ll need to use sex oil.”

He reached into the nearby nightstand to get a vial of oil—which wasn’t available.

“I noticed you put some in there,” Tolrek admitted, chuckling at the annoyance on the negotiator’s face. “That was presumptuous of you.”

“What did you do with the vials?”

“I pitched them off the balcony two weeks ago. All seven crashed brilliantly onto the patio. Your cleaning bots are so efficient.”

“And Fei didn’t report that to me,” Darion grumbled. “I really should downgrade her.”

“I guess she likes to limit what she tells you.”

“Well, now we have a dilemma. I’m completely out of lubricant. Your first time with me really won’t go well without it. And I’m not feeling particularly patient right now. What should we do?”

“Oh, you’re giving me a choice about my life now? As a Pet, or rather prisoner, I have some say-so?”

“Tolrek,” Darion grumbled. His frustration, fueled by his need, began to grow.

The negotiator called out to Fei, ordering her to send a serving bot with some oils. A short while later, one arrived, stopped at the bed and offered what it had brought. It quickly zoomed out of the room, leaving the rebel and the negotiator alone again.

“Well, you certainly have some modern conveniences,” Tolrek teased.

“You should be thankful,” Darion said, pouring some of the liquid into his hand. “I could take you without the oil but it’s better for you.”

When the two were well lubricated, Tolrek smiled and reached down for him.

“Go ahead.”

“Are you sure?”

“Would I be under you if I wasn’t?”

Darion nodded and began pushing in slowly. Tolrek squinted in pain.

“Your slowness is not helping,” he ground out, groaning and flinching.

“And you actually wanted to do this without any lubricants,” Darion reminded him. “Should I stop?”

“Why?” Tolrek grunted out. “We’ve already made so much progress.” Darion laughed softly and Tolrek chuckled too.

“Push it in all the way at once,” Tolrek said.

“Will that really be okay?”


The rebel thought better of his response a moment later. His hands gripped Darion’s arms as he shuddered, his body struggling to accommodate the negotiator’s uncompromising width and length.

Darion spoke to him in soothing tones, waiting patiently until Tolrek assured him that he was ready for more. Then, he began to move. The pain was quickly overridden by strong pleasure. Tolrek groaned again, this time with supreme gratification. Darion nuzzled his neck and started thrusting more aggressively. Tolrek became vocal. His voice was raw in nature, as Darion pushed into him. They found a rhythm that was quickly sending them to the peak, driven by the long period of sexual tension.

“I’m going to come,” Tolrek murmured.

Darion reached down between their bodies and gripped Tolrek firmly. Thick, white ribbons flew out of Tolrek, landing on his stomach. The sight of him coming sent Darion over the edge. Tolrek saw his eyes go darker at the moment he felt the negotiator’s jism coat his inner walls. The two groaned, shaking through the last ripples of their release.

Tolrek grunted when Darion finally pulled out of him, his insides tender. Darion rolled onto his back. The two of them stared up at the ceiling, still breathing heavily.

Unsaid but definitely on their minds, the negotiator and the rebel wondered where they would go from here.

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