Bal – Chapter 29

Kouta and Ryuu had settled in front of the television to watch one of their favorite sci-fi shows, which was a long-running series from Britain. They had seen two episodes, when Kouta noticed that Ryuu had repeatedly been rubbing his eyes.

“Are you okay?” Kouta asked.

“My eyes are beginning to bother me. All of the long hours in front of the computer are finally catching up to me. I might need to get glasses.”

“Oh…” Kouta patted him on one shoulder. “You’re becoming old. I might have to trade you in for a hot, young thing.”

Ryuu smacked his hand away and he laughed.

“Actually, you would be hot like that,” Kouta mused.

“You think so?”

“Oh yeah…” Kouta said, smiling. He looked off in the distance, with a speculative expression on his face. A vision of Ryuu reclining on their bed, wearing nothing but glasses meandered through his head.

“You’re thinking of me naked, aren’t you?” Ryuu asked drily.

“What would make you think something like that?”

“I know you.” Ryuu poked at Kouta’s burgeoning erection. “Plus, that explains it all.”

Kouta stopped the show and hurried Ryuu to the bedroom. They made short work of their clothes and Kouta pulled Ryuu eagerly to him. Ryuu’s hands found Kouta’s crotch and began stroking him. Kouta groaned and encouraged him, as they fell back on their bed.

Ryuu cradled Kouta’s head and then kissed him languidly, causing Kouta to smile as he basked in the loving attention. Then Ryuu slowly made his way down Kouta’s body. Ryuu tantalized Kouta by rubbing the slit of his cock with the pre-cum that had gathered at his head. It was a small move but one that never failed to have a strong effect. He nipped at Kouta’s sack, inflicting a little pain and getting him even harder. He made sure Kouta’s eyes were on him, when he slid Kouta in his mouth and began sucking on him.

“Enjoying the goodies, huh?” Kouta asked.

“Naturally,” Ryuu responded, giving him a possessive squeeze. “These are my goodies.”

Kouta gasped and closed his eyes.

“So then do I own yours too?” he questioned.

“Of course,” Ryuu told him, as he stretched his body on Kouta’s. “All for you.”

Kouta flipped them over and pinned Ryuu’s hands above his head. Ryuu moved to get on top again.

“Stay,” Kouta told him.

“I always will, Kou,” he whispered. Kouta’s eyes searched his and he smiled.

“Do you want me inside you?” Kouta asked.

“You know I do.”

Kouta grabbed the lubricant and liberally spread it on his cock and on Ryuu’s ass. Ryuu reached down between their bodies and took Kouta’s cock in his hands. He pressed Kouta against his hole, encouraging him to enter. Kouta pushed in and Ryuu’s tight passage swallowed him, causing both of them to groan.

Kouta moved with slow but forceful thrusts, savoring their time of leisurely loving. When he felt that Ryuu was on the verge of coming, he reduced his pace even more, drawing out the pleasure.

Kouta changed positions from pressing Ryuu into the bed to resting on his haunches but he stayed buried in his lover. He focused even more on Ryuu, trailing his fingers across his lover’s sweat-glazed skin. Ryuu took his hands and moved them to his crotch, silently requesting stimulation there. Kouta rolled his lover’s cock between his palms, giving Ryuu a tantalizing handjob that had him twitching and whispering Kouta’s name.

“Come for me now,” Kouta ordered. “I want to watch you shoot off, want it to land on your skin. Then I’d scoop it into my mouth and—”

They came before Kouta could even finish the sentence. He emptied himself inside Ryuu and Ryuu released hot, white, sticky jism onto his stomach and chest. Kouta did what he’d promised just moments earlier, savoring the taste of Ryuu’s essence, enjoying the feel of it sliding down his throat.

Afterwards, they chatted, as their bodies cooled. Curious, Kouta began to ask Ryuu for details about his previous experiences.

“Love, when did you first have sex?”

“We’ve been together a few years. Why are you just asking that now?”

“I don’t know.” Kouta shrugged. “But I was wondering.”

“Well, I was in Italy, spending part of a summer with my mother’s side of the family,” Ryuu told him. “It was a few days after my sixteenth birthday, when I slept with Francesca. She was a neighbor. I was worried at first.”

“Why? Performance anxiety?”

“A little but I soon calmed down,” he told Kouta, as he grinned. “In the end, it was fantastic.”

“Okay, so who was your first guy?” Kouta propped himself up on one elbow, more eager to hear about this part of Ryuu’s history.

“A professor, when I was a first year,” Ryuu said, as a mischievous grin spread across his face.

“You slept with one of your professors?” Kouta exclaimed.

He was surprised at the revelation. While he knew that Ryuu didn’t always do what was societally acceptable, this level of deviance was unexpected and appealing.

“Of course not!” Ryuu huffed, feigning indignance. “Phillip taught at a different university than mine. I met him when he did a discussion panel. I’d heard his views on how computer animation would shape the worldwide movie industry. I’d found him really fascinating.”

“So you two set up a private meeting?”

“Yes, at his place,” he answered.

Ryuu pushed another pillow behind his head, as he stared off into space. Kouta became further intrigued. He wanted to know more about what was causing the expression on his lover’s face. Ryuu was smiling slightly, like he was reliving an extremely pleasant memory.

“Was he good?” Kouta questioned.

“Yes. Actually, he was quite skilled. I didn’t have a basis of comparison then but I definitely realized that now.”

“Was he gentle or did he take you hard?”

“He was gentle at first but towards the end, he was seriously riding me,” Ryuu responded, with his breath a little labored.

“It sounds like you definitely enjoyed yourself.”

“I did. I was sore for about a week.”

“Was it a one time thing?”

“No. I slept with him repeatedly for a few months; he was always the top.”

“You’re starting to breathe hard,” Kouta noted, as he scanned Ryuu’s body. His lover was again showing signs of being aroused; a lovely flush was blossoming from the center of his chest and his cock was beginning to rise.

“Am I? Sorry. Some good memories. Still, overtime, we found that we had less and less in common. Eventually, we broke it all off.  There weren’t any hard feelings between us.”

Kouta chuckled at Ryuu’s use of hard, given the conversation.

“You know what I mean, you perv,” Ryuu lightly scolded, as he pulled Kouta to him for a kiss. “Now you bare your soul. Who was your first?”

“My first girl was someone from my high school,” Kouta told Ryuu. “We slept at my house.”

“Are you serious? I would never have sex in the house of my parents.”

“Well, I did and it was fantastic; illicit sex; my parents could have arrived home at any moment. It was one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had but nothing really compares to what I have with you.”

Ryuu looked quite pleased to hear that. Kouta smiled wickedly, as he prepared to wipe the smugness from his lover’s face.

“At any rate, my first guy was Jiro,” Kouta casually shared.

“Jiro!” Ryuu shouted, as he pushed Kouta’s groping hands away from his crotch. “The same one who owns the club and the billiards hall?”

“Um, yeah, that would be him,” Kouta admitted.

“You and him are still close,” Ryuu grumbled. “We’re never going to any of his places again.”

“The hell we aren’t. I get VIP treatment, which, by the way extends to who I’m seeing.”

“Okay, I suppose it’s worth it then.” Ryuu chuckled. “Please ignore my rashness.”

“I will. No more shall we speak of your delusional moment.”

“I’m glad we see eye to eye on it,” Ryuu said. Then he sat up and looked at Kouta seriously. “Now, hopefully, we’ll feel the same way about this next subject.”

Kouta peered at him warily.

“Love, I’ve been thinking about this for a while,” Ryuu began. “We really need to mend things with your parents.”

“How can you ambush me with this topic?” Kouta protested, looking at him with disbelief.

“It’s not an ambush.”

“We’ve just had sex! I was hoping for another round but you want to talk about my parents. That is a serious boner killer.”

“Okay, I could have chosen a better time. Regardless, I’ve been waiting for you to bring up what happened. But you haven’t. I don’t think we should let the issue rest any longer.”

“I really don’t care,” Kouta grumbled, though it wasn’t the complete truth.

“Well, I’ll make you care,” Ryuu told him, poking him in his ribs. “I’ll make you care so hard!”

Kouta laughed, though he was really beginning to feel annoyed.

“Your parents deserve better treatment,” Ryuu said. “Not all parents are that supportive. I know you’re angry with them but you should do the right thing. Plus…”

“In case it’s not clear, I don’t want to talk about them,” Kouta ground out.

Despite his reluctance to continue the conversation, Kouta was finding that Ryuu was being particularly tenacious. He covered his head with a pillow, attempting to drown out Ryuu’s insistent but reasonable voice. Ryuu took the pillow off his head and gave him an intense stare. Kouta eventually withered under the glare.

“Ryuu, I’ll call them,” Kouta relented. “Will that satisfy you?”

“It’s not about me being satisfied. We really hurt them, Kou.”

“Don’t you mean I really hurt them?” Kouta asked, sarcastically. “Just be plain about it.”

“I was speaking of the both of us,” Ryuu told him.

“I do get it. Can we close the conversation now?”

“Sure,” Ryuu responded, as he slid out of bed. “I’m going to do a bit of drawing. It calms my nerves, though that premiere is really looming.”

“I can’t believe you’re pushing me into talking with Mom and Dad,” Kouta grumbled, as he started to leave the bedroom. “You can be so exasperating sometimes.”

“Sorry,” Ryuu repeated, as he followed Kouta to the bathroom.

“But still so damn appealing,” Kouta teased. “Now let’s shower. I’m getting my second round of loving. Then, while you work on your drawings, I’ll make that call.”

“Oh, you’re going to do it tonight?” Ryuu asked, pleasantly surprised. He’d expected Kouta to at least procrastinate a bit longer.

Kouta looked at the clock to make sure it wasn’t too late.

“Yeah. There are a few more hours before they go to bed.”

“That’s my guy,” Ryuu teased, as he patted Kouta on his rear. “Call them and fix the situation. It’s the least you can do, after fucking in their house.”

Kouta laughed and yanked him into the shower.


Ryuu pressed a kiss to Kouta’s forehead to smooth out the worry lines. Then he left Kouta to talk to his parents.

“Mother, it’s me,” Kouta said, as he sat down on the couch.

“Two weeks, Kouta…” Mrs. Kobayashi said. The sadness in her voice reached across to her son. “Two dinners missed because of your stubbornness. Are you that angry with your father and me?”

“I didn’t expect the reaction from you two.”

“Well, I’ve thought more about that conversation. I know what was the real foundation of the disagreement. We didn’t tell you at the dinner but Yosuke had already called us. He’d explained what you were planning and said he would continue to do his best to guide you. While we have always appreciated his help, the information should have come from you.”

“I’m sorry.” Kouta sighed, as guilt coursed through him. “I didn’t mean to hurt you and Dad.”

“Then do the right thing and meet with us. Bring Ryuu. We’ve missed you.”

“We’ve missed you too. And, I’m really sorry about what happened.”

When Kouta hung up, he went to find Ryuu. Ryuu put aside his work and looked at Kouta expectantly, concern in his eyes.

“What did they say?” he asked.

“We’re banned…forever…” Kouta feigned an expression of profound sadness. Ryuu looked at him skeptically and then narrowed his eyes, when he realized that Kouta wasn’t serious.

“That’s not funny!” Ryuu chided. “Do you know my parents have asked about yours? Mom and Dad are hoping to meet them. They’d be really angry with me if we were banned for good.”

“I’m sorry,” Kouta said, despite the fact that he was still smiling. “You just seemed so tense. I had to tease you a little.”

“Tool,” Ryuu grumbled but there was no heat in his voice.

Kouta smiled and leaned down for a kiss, which Ryuu eagerly offered.

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