Izdahl’s Roost

Finally.  That word means so much to me. Finally, I’m with Armando.

I sometimes change into a Memdor Hawk, one of my favorite creatures.  Then, I fly to the edge of the Genzi Forest.  Once I land, I transform and relax in these trees.  This was where I first spotted Armando.  We were both youngsters.  I was spreading my wings, testing my ability to change shapes.

One fortunate day, I was in the forest when Armando’s father was giving him a riding lesson.  I remember laughing at Armando’s awkwardness on his horse but I was definitely fascinated.  That hasn’t changed.  I actually thought I would never get to know him.  However, the course of my life is going the way I want.  Whether it’s night or day, I can come here and let my thoughts turn to Armando.

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