Bal – Chapter 02

Kouta’s week had been filled with thoughts of Ryuu. From the smile that graced Ryuu’s face the instant he saw him, it was the same for Ryuu. Rather than staying on the main floor, they both agreed to try to get one of the twelve booths in an area away from the dance floor. Those booths were only accessible to those Jiro had granted special status. A small bar was midway between the seating areas, offering the select patrons fast service.

The oblong shaped pods were well-designed with space for up to four people; their slate gray outer shells dulled the music and the dark blue interiors were spacious enough to provide seclusion in style. Thick light blue curtains covered a small one way window, further separating the inhabitants from the noise and lights, while letting them observe as they wished.

Koldun, even with its cocoons, was not the ideal place for Kouta’s present state of mind. Instead of thinking of the date and dancing, his thoughts centered around what it would be like to have Ryuu in his bed.  He wondered what intimate thoughts he would reveal after their bodies had cooled from having sex.  Only a movement from Ryuu snatched his mind back to here and now.  Unable to help it, Kouta asked, “Is this the right place to be?”

“Why? Is something wrong?” Ryuu searched his face, curious about his meaning.

Kouta paused, reminding himself that he’d planned to be mellow, to take things slow and easy. He’d even repeated the words out loud as he’d dressed.

“Never mind. I…I like this song.” He opted to use the music as an escape from what he wanted to confess. “We should go dance.”

Ryuu was momentarily confused, having expected a different response but he gave his agreement. He followed Kouta’s lead, even though he wanted to be with him in private.  They went out on the dance floor, numerous pairs of inquisitive eyes tracking them. A few people looked at each other, speculating about this development.

The pair danced to several songs. Then, Ryuu went to the restroom, while Kouta made his way back to his seat. When he arrived, Jiro was waiting for him, with every intention to pry. The club owner had been making his rounds when he’d seen that his close friend was cozying up to his newest companion so he was eager to get details.

“Not telling,” Kouta said, before he could ask.

“You ungrateful bastard,” Jiro said, chuckling. “I basically delivered him to you!”

Kouta only smiled smugly, still keeping silent.

“Well, you appear happy, which means you and Ryuu must be…” Jiro waited, hoping Kouta would respond to his prompting.

“Which means Ryuu and I must be…” Kouta drew out the phrase, playing with his friend. “…minding our business.”

“You know what? Screw you,” Jiro laughed, punching him in his shoulder.

“A gentleman doesn’t divulge the details,” Kouta responded, popping the collar of his shirt.

“Well here comes Mr. Handsome,” Jiro said, as Ryuu began making his way back to Kouta. There was a glint in Jiro’s eyes that let Kouta know his friend was about to be mischievous. Before Kouta could warn him to behave, Ryuu arrived and Jiro set his plan into motion.

“Mr. Kobayashi, it’s a pleasure to see you again,” Jiro said, smoothly.

“Thank you,” Ryuu told him. “You make it easy for me to return here.”

“I noticed that you’re in good company,” Jiro remarked, nodding his head towards Kouta. “I can’t think of anyone better with whom to spend my time.”

Kouta heard the edgy undertone in Jiro’s voice and wondered just what else his friend would say.

He’s trying to punish me for not giving him details, Kouta thought. Damn him!

“Ryuu, can you please give us a minute?” Kouta asked. “I just have to speak with Jiro.”

“Sure…” Ryuu responded slowly. He went back into the booth, waiting for Kouta. When Ryuu was out of earshot, Kouta addressed Jiro.

“Please don’t do things like that.”

“Like what?” Jiro asked, innocently holding up his hands. “I only told him he’d found a great way to spend his time. I thought he’d appreciate information like that.”

“I know what you’re thinking. Stop.”

“Oh alright,” Jiro grumbled. “But I should be able to have some fun.”

“Please continue your rounds. I’m sure the other clubbers are getting jealous.”

“I know of one patron who’s probably ‘getting jealous’,” Jiro teased. “I hope he asks you some uncomfortable questions.”

“This is only our second date. It would be impolite to pry.”

“Impolite or not, when someone is really curious…”

“I knew your aim was to cause trouble,” Kouta complained.

“You’ll be able to salvage things,” Jiro said. “You’re clever like that.”

He grinned cheekily at Kouta and continued his journey through the rest of his club.

Kouta watched him walk off, sighing. Then he entered the booth, giving Ryuu a wide smile.

“Sorry about that,” Kouta told him, sitting across from him.

They each took sips of their drinks, as awkwardness began to permeate the booth.

“This space is really private,” Ryuu finally said. “Shouldn’t you be trying to take advantage of me?”

“Would you like that?” Kouta responded, intrigued.

“Well, have you done anything interesting here?” The wide grin Ryuu gave Kouta let him know exactly what was meant.

“Like sex? Oh no,” Kouta quickly replied, laughing. “I prefer places that aren’t public.”

“As do I but…” Ryuu moved around from his side and came to sit next to Kouta. “I don’t have an aversion to doing a few things right now.” He leaned forward into Kouta’s space.

Kouta smiled as their mouths met. He stroked the back of Ryuu’s neck, pulling him closer. He savored the way their tongues slid past each other, charging the need to take things to another level. As if he’d read Kouta’s mind, Ryuu put his hand in his lap and ran it over his growing bulge. Kouta shifted to give him more access but then he pulled away. They both stifled a groan of frustration.

“Sorry. I’m really sorry,” Ryuu gasped against his mouth. He swallowed hard, surprised by how swiftly he’d acted.

“Me too,” Kouta whispered back.

“I think we need to cool off…”


While Kouta agreed, he couldn’t help feeling dismayed when Ryuu returned to the other side of the booth. He wanted more of what they’d just been doing. He wanted to go even further. He replayed their kiss in his mind. His lips were tingling, as if a low voltage was running through them. It was a feeling he’d missed after being alone for so long.

“Something wrong?” Ryuu asked.

“What do you mean?”

“You’re rubbing your mouth.”

“I am?” Kouta had been unaware of his action and now stopped. “You know…you’re a great kisser. The feeling lingers for a long time.”

“You’re certainly not an amateur either,” Ryuu teased.

Unable to resist, he went back over to Kouta’s side. He trailed one thumb over Kouta’s mouth, which was slightly reddened. Then Ryuu leaned in, signaling what he desired. Right before their lips were to meet, he turned his head and picked up his drink. Kouta stared at him, feeling incredulous as he calmly sipped from his glass.

“Yes? Did you want something?” Ryuu questioned, an impish smile curling his lips.

“No, not at all,” Kouta said, coolly, picking up his drink.

“You could just admit you’re annoyed that I teased you.” Ryuu chuckled softly.

You could just admit you were being an ass.”

The seriousness on Kouta’s face made Ryuu rethink his actions.

“Hey, don’t be angry. Honestly, I don’t even know why I did that. Look, I really am interested in getting to know you. I promise, no games—unless we both want to play.”

Kouta studied him for a few moments, taking in the sincerity in his dark-brown eyes.  “Alright…” Kouta said, enjoying this side of him. “Would you like to come back to my house?”

“For coffee?” There was a speculative glow in Ryuu’s eyes.

“No, for lemon tea…” Kouta told him, playing too.

“Is that your favorite?”

“I’ve been known to partake of it.”

“Then I’ll go to your house for some…lemon tea.”


“I know this is a little late but you’re not allergic to animals, are you?” Kouta asked, as he unlocked his door. “I have a dog and a cat.”

“Not a problem.”

It was the answer Kouta wanted to hear, as Aki and Nami eagerly scampered towards them. Aki yipped several times at Ryuu and then quieted when Kouta gently admonished her.

“Make yourself comfortable,” Kouta said, as he motioned to a couch in the living room. “Would you like something to drink?”

“Lemon tea…if you don’t mind,” Ryuu answered.

“Um, I didn’t really mean I’d make you tea. It was a joke.  Lemon is a term used when two guys…uh…” Kouta stalled, unsure how to further explain, and then he saw a glint in Ryuu’s eyes. Kouta felt heat come to his face.

“I definitely understood you at the club.” Ryuu began to laugh. He picked up Aki, speaking to her, as she blissfully accepted his cuddling. “Kouta must think I’m so naïve.”

Mimicking Ryuu’s actions, Kouta picked up Nami, petting her and making her purr, as he spoke to her.

“Ryuu thinks he’s so funny,” Kouta said, chuckling. “Look man, what do you want to drink?”

“Water is fine. I think I need to keep my wits around you.”

Smiling, Kouta nodded and went to get him what he’d requested.

Ryuu glanced around the living room, while Kouta went to get the drinks. He moved to examine a large, intricately-carved, wooden wall unit.

Kouta had purchased the furniture during a video shoot in Germany, where it was called a shrunk. A 64 inch, plasma TV was in the center of the wall unit with Kouta’s three game consoles and a number of games on a shelf right below it. Various interesting items, to the immediate left and right of the TV, were on display. Ryuu wanted to get a closer look.  The last two outer portions of the shelving unit were for the stereo system.

“Can I touch anything on the shelves?” Ryuu called out.

“Go ahead,” Kouta replied.

Ryuu was examining a figurine of a young boy playing the piano when Kouta returned with the water.

“That was a gift from my mother,” Kouta explained, as he set down the glasses.

“Your house is very westernized,” Ryuu noted.

“Yes, I’ve visited different western countries, and I liked what I saw.”

“My apartment is a bit like this, mainly with Italian furniture. I think you’d like it too.”

“Should we discuss the décor all night?” Kouta asked, settling himself on the dark-brown sectional.

“Yes, unless something else is on your mind.”

“You know there is,” Kouta said. He motioned for Ryuu to sit on the couch.

“So needy huh?” Ryuu joked, when Kouta quickly reached for him.

“What do you mean?” Kouta asked, offended.

“Sorry. ‘Needy’ was the wrong word…I haven’t been communicating too well, have I?”

“Look, it’s okay. You’re right. No rush. We can take our time.” As if it were supporting Kouta’s statement, the German grandfather clock struck two..

Kouta’s mellow words belied the sense of urgency he felt. He was remembering the way many people had admired Ryuu in the club. At the front of his mind was Takayuki indication of interest. He wanted to stake a firm claim tonight, with more than just words. Still, he knew he did need to slow down a bit.

“Are you sure?” Ryuu asked, pointing to the obvious bulge in Kouta’s pants.

“I don’t let it control me.” Kouta told him, reluctantly sliding away from him as proof.

“I don’t let mine control me either.”

“Maybe we should test that,” Kouta challenged. “Let’s really hold off.”

“Alright. Is a month good for you?” Ryuu asked, raising the stakes.

Kouta’s cock started to go limp with disappointment. That was  much longer than he’d expected but he didn’t want to back down.

“Why not two months?” He responded. Now, his entire body was wondering just what he was thinking. He simply wanted Ryuu right away. Yet, here he was guaranteeing that it would be months before they would have sex.

“Sure, if you can handle that.”

“Well, there’s no doubt about me but if you can’t…”

“You’ll break first,” Ryuu predicted.

“Are we even going to last that long?” Kouta asked. “I mean, in terms of being around each other, even casually.”

“Only time will tell,” Ryuu murmured. “Let’s not try to plan out every minute. Let’s see where things go.” He squeezed Kouta’s thigh, causing his cock to become even harder.

“Hey.” Kouta pushed his hand away. “You’re already trying to make this difficult for me.”

“That’s exactly right,” he said, laughing. His excitement was growing about their bet. “Now, what’s the punishment for the person who gives up?”

“A pound of flesh,” Kouta told him in his most sinister voice.

“No, seriously, what will it be?”

“We’ll let the winner decide at the time the other person loses.”

“That will work for me. ”

“It just has to be reasonable, nothing like walking naked on a busy street.”

“But that is my definition of reasonable,” Ryuu managed to say with a straight face. Then he moved closer until their mouths were inches apart. “Does kissing count against me in this challenge?” He stared hungrily into Kouta’s eyes.

“Kissing is okay.”

Ryuu’s eyes scanned Kouta’s face for a few seconds; then he smiled seductively. Kouta stroked softly up and down his arms, showing that he was receptive. Their lips met and Ryuu slipped his tongue into Kouta’s mouth. Their kiss was long and deep, giving Kouta even more satisfaction after the sample in the club. When the kiss ended, Ryuu nibbled the side of Kouta’s left ear, sucking on the very sensitive ridge.

“Ah, Ryuu?” Kouta moaned.

“Yes Kou.”

“What are you doing?”

“Encouraging you to lose,” he admitted softly. He blew on the bit of skin he’d moistened.

“You don’t play fairly,” Kouta complained but only half-heartedly.

“No, not at all. I don’t really like to lose; be prepared.”

His hands slid under Kouta’s shirt, running gently over his skin. He kneaded the muscles in his back and coasted his hands along the sides of Kouta’s body to stroke his ribs. It caused a small tickling sensation that surprised and delighted Kouta. He gave an involuntary shiver as those talented hands investigated.

Kouta knew if he started to touch Ryuu, it would be an inner battle to stop. He had no plans to lose their bet.

“You’re doing more than kissing,” Kouta joked, trying to regain control of the situation. “Stop molesting me.”

Ryuu abruptly pulled his hands away and grinned.

Needing to put some distance between them, Kouta got up, grabbed a pack of cigarettes off the coffee table and lit one. He took a long drag on his cigarette, hoping it would dull the ache between his thighs.

“Do you really smoke?” Ryuu asked. “I’m surprised, since you’re a singer.”

“I should quit but I only do it when I’m seriously on edge…” He groaned inwardly at the admission and then changed the subject. “Anyway, tell me more about yourself.”

“What do you want to know?”

“What do you want me to know?”

“Well, let’s see.” Ryuu stretched out on the couch and rested his hands behind his head. “It has occurred to me that I really like sex.”

“How about we steer clear of that topic?”

“Okay, let’s learn other things about each other.”

“Like what?” Kouta asked, looking slightly wary.

Ryuu stood up and went over to him. He took the cigarette from him and started to smoke it. Then he finally answered the question that had been rumbling in his mind.

“What happened between you and Jiro?”

“What do you mean?” Kouta’s eyebrows raised in surprise at the blunt question.

“You two have a history, don’t you?” Ryuu pressed.

“Yes…” Kouta responded slowly. “We’ve known each other for several years.” He didn’t provide more of an explanation, though he was aware that Ryuu was waiting for one. The unbending expression on his face told Ryuu he wasn’t going any further.

“Maybe I was presumptuous in asking,” Ryuu murmured, backing away from the topic.

“Yes, you were,” Kouta told him gently. “We should just focus on the two of us.”

“You’re right. I’m sorry.”

Kouta took a long drag on the cigarette and then put it out. He leaned into Ryuu and gave him a deep kiss, releasing smoke into his mouth.

“I can taste how much you want me,” Ryuu whispered against Kouta’s lips. “These next two months will be very difficult…for you.”

“Yes,” Kouta said, watching the smoke curl between them. “I think so, but it will be worth it.” Kouta lightly caressed the front of Ryuu’s pants and heard him swallow. He smiled, knowing Ryuu would suffer too.

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