The Arch Guar Guys

statueIzdahl: Armando wants me to do the intro, since he’s more shy than most people know.  I’d like to begin by saying that having a special area for each of us will be great.

Armando: Izdahl pointed out all the benefits.  He’s calling it a “confessional experience.”  He’s managed to convince me that it will be worthwhile.  Now that I think about it, it could get very interesting.  I wonder how far we’ll go!  Just how revealing should we be?  The potential is limitless!

Izdahl: You seem especially eager, all of a sudden.  Just what are you thinking of saying?

Armando: Oh, the things I could share, like the look on your face when you’re co—

Izdahl: Ahem! Let’s keep that private.  Go to Armando’s Forest or Izdahl’s Roost, to find out what’s on our minds.  Of course, we won’t tell you everything.  Right, Armando?

Armando: We’ll see.  I’m not as shy as you want to think. hehe