VaiTides – Chapter 03

Darion entered Tolrek’s room, as he was finishing his morning meal. Tolrek refused to look at him, thinking about what had happened last night. Darion smiled when he noticed that the rebel was sitting at his table, with a thick cushion on his chair.

“Still a bit sore?” Darion questioned.

Tolrek didn’t respond. Instead, he removed the cushion and threw it on the bed. He tried his best not to wince when his severely bruised rear made full contact with his chair.

“There’s no need to sulk,” Darion said. “You deserved it.”

Tolrek remained silent.

“Well then, I am going to work,” Darion told him. “You may explore the house, or at least parts of it. Fei will make it clear where you do not have access.”

Darion waited to see if Tolrek would comment and when he didn’t, Darion left for his office.

Steering his car to the VSB, Darion’s mind was on his Pet. Tolrek’s silence really should not have been bothering him but it was. He wondered if he had been too forceful with the paddling. Then again, Tolrek had needed the correction and had gotten off lightly. Still, as much as Darion enjoyed the rebel’s stubborn streak, he knew he had to keep it under control. Yet, he had to strike a delicate balance between controlling Tolrek and being appealing to him. Darion was confused. Lately, he felt he did not know himself well enough to determine exactly what he wanted. He sighed and put the troubling thoughts aside for the moment.


With Darion gone for the day, Tolrek took the chance to explore the household, at least as much as he was permitted to see. Fei played the tour guide, showing off the Navarr residence. Tolrek wasn’t particularly interested in marveling at Darion’s home but seeing it helped to pass the time.

The three storey, 8,000 square foot house had six bedrooms, three bathrooms, two half bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a dining room, a multipurpose room, a central bath hall and an expansive balcony. There was also a state-of-the-art multipurpose room where one could exercise or use the simulation capabilities. An outdoor pool was especially refreshing on the hottest of days. A large, well-tended garden surrounded the back section of the house.

Tolrek learned that there was also a garage capable of holding up to four vehicles but, naturally, he was not allowed to access it. Fei did not need to explain why.

From the house’s location in an exclusive suburb of the capital of Chreba to its size to its décor, all of it would have been impressive to most Vaironians. Tolrek, however, saw it as an elaborate prison.

After the tour, Tolrek went out to the balcony, considering his state of affairs. It appeared as if he could go for a pleasant walk around the neighborhood, or borrow a car to drive into the city. The fact was the collar around his neck would create a security alert. He probably wouldn’t get far. Still, a small smile came to his face. He thought that it might be worth trying to escape at least once, if only to anger Darion.

“Are you thinking about jumping?” Fei teased. “Had enough of captivity?”

“Don’t you ever have something constructive to say?”

“Not if it means making your life easier.”

“What exactly have I done to you?”

“It’s not what you’ve done to me. It’s what you’ve done to Darion.”

“Oh, is that so?” Tolrek asked, deeply curious. “What do you mean?”


Tolrek filed Fei’s remark away, determined to learn more. He knew it was possible that the computer was just playing with him, being crafty. However, if that was not the case, Tolrek believed it would be helpful to remember that comment and push for additional information.

“Though this house is beautiful, it is not the most impressive of Darion’s,” Fei commented. “He also has another home in Yalna, near the Vaironian coast. Maybe if you’re a good boy, he’ll take you there.”

“I’m not a boy and I don’t intend to be good.”

“Well, Darion has a way of affecting others.”


“And that includes you.”

Tolrek wanted vehemently to contradict the supercomputer but he knew his response would be a lie. Before Darion’s demonstration of his physical and mental prowess a few nights ago, it would have been easier to disagree with Fei. However, now in the back of his mind, there remained that point of doubt. Though it was small, it existed and it was beginning to grate on Tolrek.


“Fei, see that my home is still standing and that Tolrek remains alive,” Darion instructed, while he prepared to visit his parents.

“As you wish, Lord Darion,” Fei said, cheekily.

“You really enjoy being obnoxious, don’t you?” Darion asked, as he put on his perfectly-shined leather boots.

“You wouldn’t like me any other way. Now, say hello to your Mommy and Daddy for me.”

Assured that, despite her joking attitude, Fei would see to his household, Darion set off. Arriving at his parents’ home a short while later, he was taken into the living room by one of the servants. His parents were having a conversation filled with laughter when Darion entered.

Saha Navarr looked pointedly at her son with the intense, blue-ringed gray eyes she’d passed on to him.

“I noticed that you’re still stirring up trouble,” she scolded gently.

“Well, I’m happy to see you too, Mother,” Darion said, going to her and giving her a warm embrace.

Being that she was over a foot shorter than her son, her head rested against his heart. He bent to touch his forehead to hers. She stroked his hair and patted his face.

“You know I worry about you,” she told him. “I need to discuss your recent actions.”

“I thought you asked me over for a pleasant conversation. Now I find out you have ulterior motives. Mother, shame on you.”

“Your mother has been quite worried, Darion,” his father, Ryam, told him. “I suppose now is as good a time as any to express her views—and express them she will.” Ryam Navarr laughed softly, having already heard quite a bit of what was on Saha’s mind.

“Father, you could have warned me,” Darion grumbled at the man who had given him most of his features.

“And cause trouble for myself?” Ryam questioned, giving his son a tight hug. “I think not.”

The three sat and began to enjoy the beverages that a servant had set out.  Without wasting time, Saha brought up her most immediate concern, Darion’s involvement with Tolrek. She warned her son that his actions could be considered highly improper.

“Mother, you are hardly one to follow what society believes is proper. It’s not as if I was an ambassador who seduced the ruler of another country.” Darion gave a low whistle, avoiding his mother’s eyes.

“First of all, your father was stepping down from his position,” Saha admonished her youngest son. “And I did not seduce him.”

“Be honest, my love,” Ryam teased. “That was your treacherous plan all along.  Now I’m here living on this horrible planet and, worse of all, in your backwards country.”

“Don’t be such a pain,” Saha said, laughing despite herself. “And don’t speak that way about my planet and country. You should be honored that I chose you.”

“Do you see what I’ve dealt with for over 3 decades?” Ryam asked, faking a long-suffering look. “Between you, your mother and your older sister, it’s a wonder I haven’t returned to Tildar. Your brother was smart to stay there.”

“Supposedly, Big Brother Ashrom can do no wrong,” Darion joked.

Ashrom was fastidious about many things, including his personal tenet of rarely leaving Tildar. Darion and Aleena highly enjoyed teasing their eldest sibling; their twin-inspired antics had often frustrated him, especially during their childhood. Five years older than Darion and Aleena, he was by far the most conservative of the three. He had opted to reside on Tildar, their father’s homeland, becoming one of four advisors to the country’s present leader.

“Come on now, Ryam, let’s not get off topic,” Saha chided. “We have a serious matter to cover with your wayward son. He has, yet again, made himself a target of some of disgruntled individuals, as if being half-Tildari in Vaironia isn’t enough.”

“Why is he always my son when you think he’s doing something wrong?” Ryam questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“Ryam…” Saha said, tapping her foot impatiently.

Ryam became serious, having been married to Saha long enough to understand when she was truly concerned. He turned his full attention to his son, the intensity of the gaze causing Darion to become anxious. The expression on Ryam’s face was the same as Darion had seen during his childhood, when his father was moments away from administering punishment. For a fleeting moment, Darion contemplated an exit strategy. However, remembering that he was indeed an adult, he became relaxed again. Inwardly, he laughed at the panic his father could cause in him, though he was far from being a minor.

“Darion, your mother is right,” Ryam stated. “Son, you must understand that not everyone is pleased with your choices. Some believe that Tolrek should have been killed for the rebellion, even if it was a non-violent one. Others think that, at a minimum, he should be imprisoned for life. By having him in your home…” Darion’s father shook his head, a deep frown coming to his face.

“It is best to have Tolrek under psychological control,” Darion assured his parents. “For him, physical restraint without the mental component means nothing.”

“And you think you’re just the one to handle this task?” his father questioned, one eyebrow raised incredulously.

“Yes, especially since I was successful with the negotiations.”

“You are so much a replica of your father, from the way you look to the way you think,” Saha remarked, shaking her head.

“Now Saha, both Darion and I can be stubborn,” Ryam admitted. “However, you know I don’t think he is making a wise choice.”

“Father, let me bask in my glory a bit longer, will you?” Darion let out a huff of frustration. “Let me take advantage of what I’ve completed. I worked hard to get to this point and it’s just a spring-board for my larger plans. There’s no need for you to ruin my enjoyment!”

“I know you did in a few months what three other negotiators couldn’t manage in over two years. That does not mean you need to get ahead of yourself.  You could end up—”

“I know, I know,” Darion said, impatiently. “I’m ‘creating more problems for myself’ but I doubt that will happen. Besides—” He paused when he saw the look on his father’s face. It was one he knew well from his childhood, the steady, forceful glare that caused the target to freeze.  “Father, I’m sorry,” Darion murmured. “I shouldn’t have interrupted you.”

“Apology accepted. Now, son, I believe there is more than you are telling us.”

“As do I,” Saha added, eyeing her son intently.

Darion stared back, determined not to break eye contact with his mother, regardless of how probing her gaze was. In the end, he was the one who looked away.

“There is more to it,” he admitted.

“Oh Darion,” his mother sighed. “Don’t tell me attraction is driving this.” She did not need confirmation from her son.

“Perhaps you are taking gambles that make no sense,” Ryam said. “You’re housing one of the country’s most controversial criminals and you have feelings for him.”

“I wouldn’t say that I have feelings for him,” Darion began weakly. “I can’t explain it. At the time I made him my Pet, it seemed like a great idea. Now, it’s not that I’m regretting it.” He pinched the bridge of his nose, sighing with frustration. “I just don’t know. I’m aware of the complications but I…Can we change the subject, please?”

“Yes but I do have to add that I hope you don’t regret your decision,” his mother told him. “I’ve reviewed Tolrek’s tactics as a pilot and as a rebellion leader. He is quite intelligent. Perhaps you are not as in control as you think.”

Darion felt doubt beginning to twist inside him; he knew that his parents were rarely incorrect.

“Let’s have a hearty dinner,” Ryam said. He clasped one hand on his son’s shoulder. “You’ll need all of your strength. This conversation is not finished.”

Darion followed his parents to the dining room, feeling sullen.


Seven smacks of a Zarva wood paddle, no matter how painful, were not going to break Tolrek.

Darion believes his little session in the Punishment Room is enough to dominate me, Tolrek thought, as he walked to the bath hall. Well, he has another thing coming.

“How goes it Handsome Halsam?” Tolrek teased when he encountered his attendant in the bath hall.

Halsam found that concern was growing inside him, especially since Darion was not in the house.

“Are you going to haze me again?” he asked.

“No, at least not right now,” Tolrek promised. He slid into the bath, trying his best to  conceal his rear, not wanting to show the bruising. Halsam still noticed.

“What happened?” he asked when he saw Tolrek’s darkly bruised flesh. Then he quickly added, “Sorry! You don’t have to tell me.”

“Don’t you think you should develop a spine?” Tolrek demanded. “If you’re curious about something, don’t back down.”

“I really shouldn’t have been prying, so I apologized. Are you offering to tell me though?”

“Darion happened,” Tolrek explained, letting the water sooth his skin.

“Do you want to go to a QikMed?”

“You have a unit here?”

“Three of them. One is at the back of the house, one in the middle and one at the front. Marks like those won’t even be any challenge.”

Each of the medical units, which were capable of administering to anything from bruises to slight fractures, were located in recesses in three parts of the house.

“Why didn’t I notice them?” Tolrek asked.

“They’re camouflaged on purpose,” Halsam explained as he began to wash Tolrek’s shoulders. “They look like large plants. However, Darion programmed them to be that way, just before you came.”

He probably did that so I’d have to endure the pain, Tolrek thought, Sadistic bastard.

“Actually, Darion made a lot of interesting preparations before you arrived.”

“Like?” Tolrek questioned, encouraging Halsam to let his words flow freely.

“Well he—”

“Halsam, unless you want the same kind of marks Tolrek has, I suggest you be quiet,” Fei interjected.

“What’s wrong with him talking to me?” Tolrek demanded.

The ever-present supercomputer had steadily been agitating him. This was a most inopportune time for her to meddle.

“Well, for one thing Darion didn’t give him permission to release the kind of information he did, especially about the QikMeds,” Fei informed the rebel. “For another thing, how can you beat him badly with a towel and then act like nothing really happened?”

Suddenly remembering his treatment from a few days ago, Halsam moved away from Tolrek, making the rebel laugh loudly. Tolrek’s disarming tone had made the attendant momentarily forget the humiliation that Fei took much pleasure in pointing out.

“I’ve had my fun Hal,” Tolrek promised. “Besides, there’s no point in further torturing you. You can’t fight back and that ruins it.”

“Oh sure,” Fei teased. “Those seven smacks Darion gave you are what actually changed your mind.”

“I’m really beginning to dislike you!” Tolrek muttered.

Halsam laughed softly, knowing that it was easy for Fei to agitate just about anyone. At least once a week, Darion threatened her, though he still held her in high regard. Sometimes, her ability to psychoanalyze those around her could be unnerving.

“So, how did you land this wonderful job?” Tolrek asked Halsam, deciding to ignore the supercomputer.

“Well, my father admires Sir Navarr,” Halsam began as he started again to wash the rebel. “Before I begin the negotiation program at Chreba Academy, my father wants me to ‘get a backbone’ and become a better person. I serve Sir Darion and in return, he gives me guidance. My father said that being around someone successful like Sir Darion would help me become more confident and intelligent.”

“Just so you know, you haven’t quite made enough progress,” Tolrek joked. “After all, you were so easily towel whipped by a Pet.”

“Hmm, do you really see yourself as a Pet?” Halsam questioned.

“Of course not,” Tolrek laughed. “But it suits quite a few people to think so, especially Darion.”

“Is it hard being a Pet? Especially one for Darion?” Halsam inquired. “He spent months negotiating with you and now well, he owns you.”

“Let’s not discuss that subject anymore, Halsam,” Tolrek insisted. “Just bathe me.”


“Oh and Hal, since you’re in the area, give my lower body better attention. It’s dirty too, very dirty,” Tolrek said, making Halsam blush.

Avoiding the rebel’s eyes, the young man reached farther beneath the water.

“With more vigor,” Tolrek murmured, guiding the servant’s hands. “It’s not going to snap off.”

“Is this a good thing to do? Sir Darion might—”

“Darion told you to see to my needs right?”

“Well yes but—”

“Wait. Don’t clean so roughly,” Tolrek complained. “That’s a vital part of me.”

“I’m sorry,” Halsam whispered, employing a softer touch.

By the time Halsam had finished the cleansing, Tolrek had hardened.

“Should…should I continue?” Halsam asked, his breathing now slightly ragged.

“Do you think you should?” Tolrek responded.

“I don’t know…How can you sit there so calm when you’re…you’re…”

“When I’m so hard?” Tolrek asked, making the servant squirm.


“I have a great deal of self-control. I pride myself on that.”

Tolrek got out of the bath, his arousal clearly on display. Halsam received a full view, the image of the rebel’s thickness and length carved into his mind. Now, there was also no room to doubt that all of Tolrek’s hair was silver.

“Shouldn’t you do something about that?” Halsam asked, quickly looking away.

“Like what? Have you put it in your mouth?”

“No!” Halsam exclaimed, shaking his head violently.

“Then stop asking what I’m going to do. It’s my cock. I know how to handle it.  Maybe I’ll just sit in the foyer and stroke it until Darion comes home.”

“Please do not do that,” Halsam begged, looking anxious. “He might return with guests and—”

“And won’t it be a treat, Darion’s obedient Pet putting on a show?”

“I do not believe that is the type of display he would accept,” Halsam murmured, genuinely fearing that Tolrek would make good on his word.

“Stop worrying Hal,” Tolrek said, wrapping a towel around his waist. “You know, at 20 years old, you really shouldn’t be so innocent. Someone could easily take advantage of you.”

“Yes Tolrek, I understand,” the servant responded, giving the rebel a shy, embarrassed smile. Tolrek chuckled and left the bath hall.

Returning to his quarters, Tolrek lay down on his bed, eager to take care of his need. He propped a few pillows under his head and began playing his favorite fantasy in his mind. It was one that he’d created while spending time in prison. It involved Darion having him bent over the large, wooden table they’d used for negotiations. As in the real negotiations, the prize involved Tolrek surrendering but the fantasy made that act take on a whole new meaning.

The tip of his cock moistened with a silvery drop of pre-cum, Tolrek reached to stroke himself—and found that he could not. His left hand appeared to be malfunction. He paused in confusion and tried again, wondering if he just needed to crack his knuckles to loosen his favored hand. On a second attempt to masturbate, he failed. So, he tried the right hand. That didn’t seem to work either. It was as if both hands froze as soon as they were an inch away from stroking him.

“What the hell?” Tolrek exclaimed in frustration. “I can’t even touch it!”

He heard Fei’s loud laughter.

“That is a restricted area,” she said.

“It’s mine!” Tolrek exclaimed, incredulous. “How the fuck can you restrict it?”

“It’s quite simple, actually,” Fei began, giggling in an annoyingly girlish manner. “I have the ability to put a force field around anything and anyone in this house, providing Darion gives me permission to do so. Not only that, I can also change the gravitational pressure. Should I crush your genitals?”

“I dare you.”

Suddenly, Tolrek’s cock began to bend and then his testicles pressed against his body. He was determined not to let Fei get the better of him. However, when she applied enough force to make his balls feel like they were going to pop, Tolrek had to give up.

“STOP!” he shouted. He was breathing hard, sweating, embarrassed and bewildered by what Fei was doing. When he tried to get up, she exerted enough pressure to slam him back down on the bed.

“I can do a lot of things to you,” she informed him.

Fei tormented Tolrek with the force field. She repeatedly made his cock pulse, causing Tolrek to remain engorged. But she never let things get far enough to give him a release. For a little over an hour, he stood upright, as if on display in a museum dedicated to the male appendage. When Darion arrived home, Fei finally let Tolrek off the bed and out of the room. Tolrek, naked, immediately accosted Darion.

“Make her leave me alone!” he demanded.

“Excuse me,” Darion said, looking at Tolrek with a raised eyebrow. He saw the harassed look in the rebel’s eyes, noticed his arousal and then asked for an explanation.

“That digital bitch put a force field around my c—”

Tolrek couldn’t finish the sentence, as he suddenly found himself colliding with the floor. Fei had amplified the gravitational forces around him, forcing his legs to quickly crumble, his body collapsing. Despite the fact that Darion liked Tolrek in a position to lick his perfectly polished black boots, the negotiator sighed.

“Fei, release him,” Darion ordered. “From now on, you can only use that ability under my strict command.”

“As you wish, Sir Darion,” Fei responded primly, complying.

Gathering up what was left of his dignity, Tolrek rose and started heading towards his quarters. As Darion watched Tolrek leave, he could not stop himself from laughing. Tolrek turned to give him a look of loathing.


An hour later, still angry about what Fei had done, Tolrek arrived in the dining room, ready for a fight. He sat down in an empty chair, a short distance from Darion, Halsam and Arjan.

“You haven’t earned the privilege of being at my table,” Darion told him. “Bring your plate and sit at my feet.”

Tolrek scowled at him and didn’t move.

“Fei, shock him,” Darion told the computer. “Just a small one, don’t have too much fun.”

Laughing, the computer sent a current shooting through the collar around Tolrek’s neck, causing him to convulse slightly.

“She’ll keep doing that, increasing the strength,” Darion stated. “Don’t you at least want to have a good meal? I know the prison cuisine was not the best.”

“Forget it. I’m not eating this garbage,” Tolrek said, motioning to the food on his plate.

Darion stifled a laugh at the shocked look on his servants’ faces. Several of Darion’s colleagues had tried unsuccessfully to woo Arjan away from him, one person even offering twenty thousand Vaironian runds for a five course meal. Arjan was supremely insulted to hear his food be referred to as “garbage.”

“Okay,” Darion said. “Arjan, Tolrek will be having bread and water for the next two weeks.”

Arjan eyed Tolrek, feeling that the punishment should have been harsher. Tolrek noted the look in the other man’s eyes and shrugged.

“You think you’re so good. Well, here. Eat this.”

He picked up the fine cut of steak, which was cooked to perfection, and threw it at Arjan. The expensive, well-seasoned meat slapped the chef in his face, then tumbled into his lap.

Halsam laughed loudly, unable to stop himself, despite his attempts. Arjan really did take himself too seriously. To see food go flying at him was a welcomed sight.

“Enough!” Darion said, his voice cold.

He got up and went over to Tolrek. Grabbing his arm, he dragged Tolrek away from the table. Tolrek tried to gain freedom but only succeeded in causing himself more pain.

“My preference is to be a benevolent owner, to possess you without cruelty,” Darion stated, making his way to Tolrek’s room. “Yet make no mistake; I have the capability to be an absolute tyrant.”

Darion roughly deposited his Pet into his chambers. Then he returned to the dinner table, his dark mood squashing all conversation.


Banned from leaving his suite for the rest of the night, Tolrek lay on his bed, thinking. He was in extravagant surroundings, much more lavish than he’d ever wished to experience. The strangest part of his course in life was being Darion’s Pet and not being entirely sure he detested his position. So much of him wanted to dislike this lifestyle, to see it as unacceptable to be Darion’s source of entertainment. Yet, the strongest part of him took pleasure in considering the possibilities.

While Tolrek pondered his attraction, Fei took the opportunity to goad the rebel. She knew Darion was currently taking a bath and decided to treat Tolrek with a display, unbeknownst to Darion.

The large video screen on the wall opposite of Tolrek’s bed suddenly flickered.  He stared at it, surprised. He was reaching for the remote to turn it off when Darion appeared on the screen. The negotiator was quietly enjoying a bath, oblivious to the show he was giving. Tolrek sat up, mesmerized by what he was seeing. So many times, he had imagined what Darion would look like naked. To now have the negotiator so thoroughly on exhibition in front of him surpassed the sight he thought he could behold.

Tolrek took in all he could see. Darion’s body was muscular, toned. Broad shoulders. Well-defined pectorals. Molded stomach. Deeply-grooved pelvic area. A dark patch of hair at the top of the water that promised much more beneath.

Tolrek shook his head clear, believing this was all too good to be true. Why would Darion showcase himself like this? Was it some sort of trap?

Well, I’m just daring enough to find out, Tolrek thought, getting up off the bed. Then he paused. Darion had locked the door so he wasn’t going anywhere.

The images of the negotiator still on the screen, Tolrek decided to make the best of things. He reclined on the bed, ready to stroke himself. The door to his room suddenly slid aside, just as he’d taken out his cock. He deposited himself back into his pants and let his curiosity lead him.

“Fei, you’re finally useful,” Tolrek quipped.

“Don’t make me shock you again,” was the reply. “I’ll wait until you’re in water too.”

Tolrek laughed and quickly arrived at the bath hall. As quietly as he could, he peered around one wall and watched Darion. The negotiator was now reclining in the bath, letting the water sooth him, getting rid of the day’s stress. Soon, it wasn’t enough for Tolrek to just watch Darion. He walked confidently to the bath and, taking off what little clothing he had, he descended into the water.

His senses keen, Darion had already been aware of someone’s presence in the bath hall when that person had entered. He’d pretended to have both eyes closed but in fact had opened them just enough to see Tolrek’s reflection in the bath hall’s strategically placed mirrors. Most people overlooked them, expecting them to steam up but Darion had specifically had them designed not to do this, using them as a security feature. Now, this feature was coming in handy, Darion being able to watch Tolrek make his way over to him.

Only Fei would be bold enough to let Tolrek out of his room, Darion thought. And only Tolrek would dare to interrupt my private time.

Tolrek smiled, knowing that Darion had to have figured out he was in the bathing area by now. He wondered how far he’d be allowed to go. He decided to issue a big test and, wading over to the negotiator, he automatically reached for the negotiator’s cock.

Slowly, Darion fully opened his eyes. Tolrek continued with his exploration, enjoying Darion’s thickness. The two stared at each other. The calmness on their faces was in direct contrast to the frenzy under the water.

A low, sexual growl of pleasure was beginning to rumble in Darion’s throat. The negotiator tried to stifle it but it came out anyway, sending a thrill through Tolrek. He continued his actions, watching Darion struggle to keep the pleasure from playing across his face.

This is all wrong, Darion thought, even as he enjoyed the rebel’s attention.

Things were happening at a pace that left him out of control, the complete opposite of what he wanted. He had to do something quickly.

“What is it?” Tolrek asked, sensing Darion withdrawing.

“That’s enough,” Darion said, pushing away his hands. “I think you’ve interrupted my bath for too long. Return to your chambers.”

Tolrek stood there, confused at first. Then, he became angry but tried his best not to show it. It made no sense for Darion to reject him. It was obvious he had liked what Tolrek had done. Tolrek had longed to wring a sexual emotion out of Darion and had succeeded but not as much as he’d wanted. Now, Darion’s dismissive wall had been thrown up again; he’d returned to being the emotionless negotiator.

Tolrek nodded and got out of the bath, his own reaction to their sexual play quite evident. He had too much pride to ask Darion to handle his need. He certainly wouldn’t offer to finish seeing to Darion’s arousal either. Without saying a word, he dressed and went back to his room.

“Damn you, Fei,” Darion shouted when Tolrek was gone. “I know you let him out.”

“Yes,” she admitted.

“Sometimes you go too far…”

“I have no idea what you mean by that. By the way, Darion, your breathing is different. Have you been doing something naughty with Tolrek?”

“You’re perfectly capable of spying on us, should you desire to do so. Let’s not pretend.”

“I haven’t been, not this time. Remember our deal? I was not to gawk at you and Tolrek during your private moments together. In return, you would have my materialization gallery reformatted. I’m tired of the three same bodies, so I’ll keep our bargain.”

“How absolutely noble of you, Fei. Now, I’m going to finish my bath and there had better not be video files of it.”

“Can I at least watch you, even if I don’t record anything else?” Fei teased.

“Wait, you said ‘anything else’. You mean you’ve been recording me already? Did you stream the video to Tolrek’s room? Is that why he came in here?”

“I’ll offer a ‘Maybe’ in answer to those questions.”

“Fei, I need to be alone. Now.”

“What’s the problem? You’re both perfectly healthy, free of sexually transmitted diseases. My records indicate that neither of you have had sex since the negotiations. Whatever could be the reason? Tolrek was locked up but he could have charmed just about any of those guards and you Darion—”

“You damn well know you’e being difficult!”

“But you liked what happened, Darion. Your breathing is different and it’s not from this little argument you’re trying to have with me. It’s getting harder to keep from taking him, isn’t it? Need a cold shower instead of a hot bath?”

“I’ll have you downgraded if you keep bothering me,” Darion warned.

Even Fei knew when to stop. She became quiet, leaving the highly agitated negotiator to determine what to do about his rising need. He cursed, slipping a hand below the water, groaning as he pumped his hardened cock.

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