Bal – Chapter 10

Ryuu’s wet body was too much of a temptation for Kouta. After they teased each other in the shower, they were still in a playful mood. Kouta flicked his towel, hitting Ryuu on his backside. He grinned, watching as a wide, red welt developed on his lover’s well-formed rear. Ryuu examined the mark; then he gave Kouta a mock scowl.

“That’s an early birthday present,” Kouta told him. “Next month, I’ll have something great in mind for you.”

“It better not be a party.”

“Why?” Kouta was surprised at how strongly Ryuu had rejected the idea.

“I’ve never really liked them,” Ryuu told him, as he towel-dried his hair. “I’d rather just spend time with you.”

He wrapped his towel around Kouta’s waist and pulled him closer. He began to kiss Kouta’s neck, right under his left ear, knowing that it was a quick way to get him aroused.

“Ryuu, are you trying to make me forget the subject?” Kouta asked.

“Maybe,” he murmured, chuckling against Kouta’s skin.

“It won’t work…We could just have something small.”

“No.” Ryuu looked him directly in his eyes. “Love, I’m serious. If you plan a party, I’ll filet you.”

“What did you do before we were together?”

“I hung out with Niccolo and Jin last year. Usually, I stay at home, enjoying the solitude.”

“You’re such a sad, sad man…I still want to make some great plans for you though. Can I?”

“Yes, but be reasonable.”

“I will.”


A few days later, Kouta decided what would be the ideal birthday gift for Ryuu. He would do a combination of a celebration for his lover and a vacation for the two of them. During the past month, they had been working a more intense schedule than usual. He arranged things to make sure that their schedules were clear during the week of Ryuu’s birthday.

Knowing that Kouta was planning something, Ryuu repeatedly asked what was happening. Kouta enjoyed keeping the secret, preferring to listen to his lover try and guess.

The two were now laying in bed, leisurely stroking each other and chatting. Ryuu was engaging in one of his recent favorite pastimes, trying to figure out what Kouta was hiding.

“I want to know,” Ryuu said to him for the third time in an hour. “I’ll pay the price of one stunning handjob.”

“How insulting,” Kouta said, pretending to offended. “My plans are worth at least a solid fuck, with me on top, of course.”

“Kou, seriously, tell me. Your plans could cause complications.”

“Stop worrying. I’ll let you know closer to when we’re supposed to leave. We’ll be gone for a week and I have everything under control.”

“How?” Ryuu pressed.

“I talked to the excellent assistant you have,” Kouta responded, laughing at the panic in Ryuu’s eyes. “Love, relax. When you were away in the U.S., didn’t you return to find your businesses still standing?”

“Well, yes…”

“Then chill, even if it’s just for a week.”

“Oh, alright,” Ryuu groaned. “And what about you?”

“Sorted out, right down to Yuki taking care of Nami and Aki. Now, can I buy the plane tickets? And no, I didn’t let that tidbit out by accident.”

“Sure. Maybe this isn’t such a bad idea. I’m looking forward to spending my birthday in…” Ryuu looked at Kouta expectantly, his eyes seductively half-closed.

“In Cre—Oh wait, you almost got me to tell you,” Kouta said, laughing. “Not going to work.”

“Damn, I was close! Okay, fine. I completely trust you.”

“Are you sure you want to put your life in my hands?” Kouta asked, giving him a sinister look.

“Hey Kouta, I appreciate you doing all of this,” Ryuu told him, becoming serious.

“Then how will you show me your appreciation?” Kouta asked.

“I’m about to thank you—very hard and repeatedly,” Ryuu replied, moving on top of him.


It was the day of the trip Kouta had planned and he had finally told Ryuu the destination. He would be taking his lover to Crete, one of the largest of the Greek Isles. Ryuu’s look of surprise and pleasure was still on Kouta’s mind, when he left to pick up a few last minute things. When he returned, Ryuu was in the bedroom, on the phone. He was speaking with his parents in Italian, while he worked on one of his newer sketches. The sound of the conversation filled the room, since he had put the call on speakerphone.

“I’m back,” Kouta mouthed to him.

“Welcome home,” Ryuu mouthed back.

Kouta packed the things he’d purchased. Then he went to the kitchen to get some food. While he ate, Aki wove her feline body between his legs.

“Where’s your partner in crime?” Kouta asked.

He called for Nami, who came waddling into the kitchen on her little Dachshund legs.

In the afternoon, he would be taking his pets to Yuki’s house, which was their usual home when he was away. It would be easier for him and Ryuu to finish the rest of their packing, without the pets slowing them down. Last night, they’d already experienced Aki and Nami joyously pouncing into various suitcases. It resulted in Ryuu and Kouta taking a break from packing, though they laughed about Nami and Aki’s antics.

Even now, as Kouta began gathering a few more items, both of his pets were weaving around him. It was as if they knew he’d be leaving. Feeling guilty about having to leave them, he was about to give them treats when he heard Ryuu call for him.

“Kou, come say hello to Mom and Dad.”

Kouta went into the bedroom and sat down next to Ryuu. A few seconds later, Mr. Kobayashi’s deep voice traveled through the room. Having talked with Ryuu’s father on other occasions, Kouta remembered to ask him how his vineyards were growing. After several minutes, Mr. Kobayashi paused the conversation. Kouta heard a little commotion in the background. Ryuu’s parents were having a discussion but it was in Italian; he was unable to understand it.

“Ryuu, what’s happening?” Kouta asked, when his lover shook his head and grinned.

“Mom’s saying that she wants to talk to you too,” Ryuu explained. “She’s teasing Dad, calling him ‘Mr. Chatty.’ Dad’s telling her a little woman like her shouldn’t be so bold.”

“I want to joke with you like that in Italian,” Kouta admitted.

“I’ll teach you,” Ryuu promised.

Several moments later, Mr. Kobayashi came back on the line.

“Sorry about that, boys,” he said. “My lovely lady is kicking me off the phone already.”

Mr. Kobayashi gave way to his wife, who asked how Kouta was doing.

“Oh, Ryuu has been horrible to me,” Kouta joked. “He pushed me out of a moving car last week. I’ve just returned from the hospital.”

“Mom, that’s not true at all,” Ryuu shouted, laughing loudly. His mother chuckled.

“Actually, honey, that sounds like you,” she said. “Kouta, did I tell you how much I had to spank him when he was younger? It seems like he’s being bad again.”

“What did he do when he was a kid?” Kouta asked. He grinned as he ignored Ryuu futilely waving off his question.

“Well, he made his little sister eat mud with worms in it,” Mrs. Kobayashi explained. “He also got into our vineyards and ripped up some vines. He truly earned his spanking. Oh, he was such a difficult child at times. He has grown up into a wonderful man, though.”

“Yes, he’s usually on good behavior with me,” Kouta responded.

“I want you to be on good behavior too,” Mrs. Kobayashi said. “That means being safe when you ride your bike. Are you all healed from your motorcycle accident?”

“There are some problems but I’m much better now,” Kouta admitted.

“That’s very good. Ryuu was so worried about you.” Mrs. Kobayashi’s voice took on a quiet, somber tone. “Every day you were in the hospital, he’d call me. I’d do my best to reassure him that you’d be fine. He was so scared, Kouta.”

“Mom…please…” Ryuu said. A pained expression came across his face.

“Oh honey, I’m sorry. I’m meddling. Let me stop.”

“You’re not meddling Mrs. Kobyashi,” Kouta assured her. “Sometimes Ryuu keeps important things to himself.” Kouta looked pointedly at his lover, who stared down at the carpet.

“Yes, I know. Out of all my children, he’s the one who is quietest about his feelings but his actions show a lot.”

“Mother…” Ryuu said. His tone was slightly gruff.

“Alright! Kouta, let’s talk about something else, so I won’t get in big trouble with Ryuu,” Mrs. Kobayashi said, the humor in her voice carrying through the air. “So, will you be coming to Italy this year?”

“Yes, everything’s set,” Ryuu told her. “We have our tickets already.”

“I’m so glad you can visit,” she responded. “I’ve been waiting to meet Kouta. Okay, we don’t want to keep you two any longer. Kouta, it was wonderful talking to you again. Ryuu, enjoy your birthday and the trip to Crete. I’ll see you both next month.”


After talking to Ryuu’s parents, the two lay on the bed relaxing. Ryuu stretched out and rested his head in Kouta’s lap. Some of the conversation with Ryuu’s mother was on Kouta’s mind.

“Ryuu, did you really call home every day when I was in the hospital?”

“I don’t want to talk about then.”

“Why?” Kouta asked.

“Not now, Kou.”

“Stop making that time an untouchable spot in our relationship,” Kouta told him, sliding Ryuu’s head off his lap.

“Hey, don’t be that way.” Ryuu sat up and reached out for Kouta. “It’s just that I hate the things I did; I caused you to hurt yourself.”

Satisfied with the response, Kouta decided to leave the subject alone. Instead of pushing Ryuu to talk more about what he was feeling, Kouta nuzzled his neck by his jaw line. Ryuu enjoyed it; a deep rumble of pleasure came from his throat.

“You sounded very sexy speaking in Italian,” Kouta told him. “Will you start teaching me now?”

Io voglio solo te,” Ryuu said, as he nibbled on Kouta’s ear. “That means ‘I want only you.’”

As Ryuu began to unbutton Kouta’s jeans, he also taught him the Italian word for one of his favorite body parts.

While they had sex, Kouta learned more Italian, repeating the phrases Ryuu told him, at least until they lost their concentration. If they hadn’t needed to catch a flight, they could have lingered for hours, with Ryuu being the ardent instructor and Kouta being the eager student.


Kouta and Ryuu’s flight to Crete landed late that night at Chania International Airport, which was located on the western part of the island. They took in multi-colored homes and various types of trees which dotted the dry, hot terrain, as their taxi drove them to their all-inclusive resort. The route was close enough to the coast so that they could see some of the area’s beaches in the moonlight. The water was dark and mysterious, with glints of the moonlight on the waves. Kouta imagined what it would be like to swim in the water, especially with Ryuu.

“Ryuu, are you seeing this? It looks incredible.”

“It does. I can’t wait to be in the water with you.”

Kouta laughed, glad to know that Ryuu’s thoughts were also his.

When they arrived at their resort, they were escorted to their villa. It was spacious and well-designed, decorated in tans, blues and greens. After the valet left, Ryuu wrapped his arms around Kouta.

“Thank you for this, love,” Ryuu told him. “I know it’s going to be a great vacation.”

“I’m glad I could talk you into coming.”

“You can always do that,” Ryuu teased, winking.

Kouta laughed softly and pulled Ryuu to him for a kiss. He chuckled when Ryuu’s stomach grumbled, halting the playful meeting of their tongues.

“Service is 24 hours,” Kouta said. “Let’s order; I don’t want you to starve.”

They didn’t have to wait long for their late-night meal. After having an intimate dinner, they soaked in the jacuzzi, discussing what they wanted to do on their vacation.

During the next few days, the two lounged on the beach. Sometimes, they’d swim out far into the water, racing each other. They had to battle the waves too, which even at a relatively low tide, could become aggressive.

On the fourth day, they rented a car, driving to the ruins of the Minoan palace in Knossos. They spent most of the day there and then shopped for souvenirs. Kouta enjoyed watching Ryuu haggle with some shopkeepers in English, the only language he and the merchants had in common.

The following day was for traveling along the coasts. Ryuu, being an amateur photographer, wanted to take pictures. Kouta navigated to various locations, doing Ryuu’s biddings to find scenic areas. After what seemed like the millionth picture, Ryuu looked at him and grinned; his innocent charm was yet another reason he mattered so much to Kouta.

“I take it you enjoyed that,” Kouta said.

“Yes, love; thank you for being so patient. These photographs will be great references for my anime.”

“You’re not supposed to be thinking of work,” Kouta lightly scolded.

“I know; I just couldn’t resist. It was for pleasure too.”

“Pleasure…I’ll definitely show you that tomorrow.”


On the day of Ryuu’s birthday, Kouta awakened early, excited about what he’d planned for his lover. He ate breakfast, letting Ryuu sleep as late as he wanted. When Ryuu first began to rustle around, Kouta ordered a meal for him, knowing that he wouldn’t be sleeping much longer. The food arrived shortly before he’d fully awakened.

“Good morning or, almost, afternoon. Happy birthday,” Kouta said, when Ryuu’s eyes fluttered open.

“Hey, love,” Ryuu greeted him.

He started to get up but Kouta motioned for him to remain in bed. Kouta put a tray in front of him. His mouth watered because of the fragrant aroma from an omelet filled with feta cheese, tomatoes, onions, and bacon. Along with the omelet were slices of various fruits and a cup of coffee.

“Did you eat?” Ryuu asked.


“I’m sorry I slept so late. You were probably starving waiting for me.”

“I was so eager that I woke early.”

“And you can’t go long without food, once you get up.”

“I really tried this time but well…yeah.” Kouta chuckled. “Go ahead and have your meal.”

The moment Ryuu finished his meal, he put the tray aside and reached for Kouta. Kouta dodged his nimble fingers.

“No morning love?” Ryuu asked, looking disappointed.

“Let’s save all of that for tonight.” Kouta smiled, thinking about what he intended to do. “It’ll be worth the wait.”

“Oh, alright,” Ryuu sighed, dramatically.

“So, what would you like to do today?”

“I’d really like to enjoy some more relaxation time. I was reading a guidebook last night. There’s at least one nudist beach. I think it’s on the southern part of the island but I’m not sure.”

“You want to show off your body,” Kouta teased. He was intrigued by the idea of being in the warm elements with Ryuu. “As you wish. Let me just get a few things.”

He called the villa’s staff, requesting that dining services prepare some food for their trip. They left shortly after their packed lunch arrived and spent the entire day tanning and swimming. The ocean breeze and the sun on their bare skin made it more difficult than usual for them to keep their hands off each other.

Later that night, they had dinner in the resort’s formal dining room. Kouta noticed the number of people that gave appreciative glances to Ryuu. He had to admit that Ryuu did look especially handsome. A crisp white shirt and black slacks kept him cool in the sultry Grecian night, while also showing off his great physique. His skin was a rich, golden brown from the days in the sun. Kouta was tempted to skip dinner and rush Ryuu back to the villa for an athletic romp in bed. However, he restrained himself and focused on having a mellow conversation and enjoying their meal.

Ryuu had selected skewered, grilled pork and pilafi, Greek style rice, plus a mixture of vegetables. Kouta had chosen to have patates psites, roasted potatoes with lemon and herbs, along with roasted mutton.

Ryuu also wanted to satisfy his sweet tooth with baklava, crushed nuts in a filo pastry saturated with honey. Kouta watched him eat his dessert with an expression of orgasmic bliss on his face.

“You know, it can be hard to believe you have this side to you,” Kouta said. “You’re sometimes so serious. But now, you’re relaxed and happy—and reveling in your dessert.”

“Indeed. You get to see me in ways no one else does.”

“Do I ever…” Kouta commented, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. He decided to abandon his intent of having a slow, quiet dinner. Ryuu was too tempting.

“I didn’t mean it that way,” Ryuu responded, his lecherous grin contradicting his words.

“Still, I’d like to see all of you, very soon.”

“Then, let’s not waste time,” Ryuu eagerly agreed. “But before we go…”

“You’d like to get another piece of baklava. I know, love.”


Back at the villa, Kouta requested that a resort staff member deliver Ryuu’s favorite cake, which he’d ordered. Soon, the red velvet cake arrived and Kouta placed a few candles on it.

“Now, just for your private pleasure, a song done by one of Japan’s musical stars…Kouta Sasaki.”

Kouta cleared his throat dramatically and then sang “Happy Birthday” to Ryuu. Ryuu pretended to wipe away a few tears and then clapped in appreciation. After they’d each enjoyed a slice of cake, Kouta went to get the present from where he’d kept it in his suitcase. He returned to the dining area and set down a black, velvet box on the table. Ryuu opened the box to reveal a platinum wristband.

“I know you’re not one to call attention to yourself,” Kouta explained. “That’s why I wanted to get you something that was simple but meaningful.”

Ryuu studied the gift, turning it so the light emphasized the finely crafted curves.

“Our names are engraved inside,” he murmured.

“Do you like it?” Kouta asked, his voice carrying his uncertainty. He wasn’t sure if it was too much, even for a special occasion.

“Of course,” Ryuu said. He put it on his left wrist. Then he held Kouta tightly and kissed him; Kouta tasted the sweetness of the cake. “I definitely like it.”

“I have something else for you,” Kouta whispered against his mouth. He led Ryuu into the bedroom. They began to undress each other, stroking and kissing each portion of tanned skin.

“Stretch out on your back,” Kouta told him.

“What are you going to do?”

“Things you’ll enjoy,” Kouta promised. He could see the curiosity in Ryuu’s eyes, as he lay down on the king-sized bed.

Kouta put his body on top of Ryuu’s and kissed his forehead. Then he moved to his lips, giving Ryuu a few teasing pecks. He slid lower to Ryuu’s chest, scattering kisses there too. He flicked his left nipple with his tongue and sucked on it. The right one received the same treatment.

Kouta licked a hot trail down to Ryuu’s crotch. By the time he made it there, his lover’s cock was at full-mast. Kouta purposely ignored that part of him. Instead, he focused on one of his favorite physical attributes of Ryuu’s. He gently kneaded his lover’s balls. Then he slipped them into his mouth.

Ryuu gasped and rose up slightly off the bed to get a look at what Kouta was doing. He encouraged Kouta with moans, reminding him that this area was almost as sensitive as the tip of his cock. After teasing his testicles, Kouta firmly held his cock and engulfed the head in his mouth, sucking around the rim. Then he took Ryuu all the way to the back of his throat, watching the expressions on his face.

The pleasure was so strong that Ryuu looked like he was experiencing intense pain. There was a deep furrow in his brow and he repeatedly bit down on his bottom lip. Kouta took his time, working on his lover slowly, relishing his taste and enjoying the feelings he was creating in him.

“Kou, I don’t want to wait any longer.” Ryuu was almost whimpering.

“Be patient,” Kouta said, chuckling.

He amped up the level of tension. With two fingers, he teased the bundle of nerves between Ryuu’s testicles and opening, continuing to give him head. He listened carefully to his partner’s breathing and when it became deep and heavy, telling him Ryuu was close to coming, Kouta stopped everything he was doing.


“I haven’t even brought out the whips and chains. Yet, you’re falling apart already,” Kouta joked, running his thumb over the head of Ryuu’s cock. “Relax, just enjoy what I’m doing.”

Kouta started massaging him at a pace that kept him interested but still didn’t allow him to release. He gave him light kisses to sooth him. Ryuu let out a shuddering sigh and closed his eyes, looking stressed. Kouta had never seen him this agitated during sex.

He purposefully took his time, prolonging the tantalization of Ryuu. He leisurely reached for the lubricant on the nightstand and drizzled some on both of them. Then, Kouta paused and smiled down at him.

“What? Why are you stopping?” Ryuu demanded, his words charged with carnal frustration.

“Do you want this?” Kouta asked coyly. “After all, I wouldn’t give you anything you don’t desire.”

“Stop playing games. I want you inside of me.”

“All at once, or inch by inch.”

“You decide.”

“Oh no, this is about what you want.”

“All at once,” Ryuu whispered.

Kouta pinned his hands above his head and stared him directly in his eyes. Then, he pushed in all the way to his base.

“HMPH!” Ryuu’s response was pained.

Kouta kissed him, feeling him tremble as he dealt with the roughness of Kouta’s actions.

“Ryuu, are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” he murmured, wrapping his arms around Kouta.

When he was certain Ryuu was alright, Kouta started to move in a slow, steady rhythm. He maneuvered his body so that he’d hit all the spots that would give Ryuu the greatest amount of pleasure, without taking him to the peak. Soon, his lover was breathing hard again. Kouta increased the speed of his hips and pushed Ryuu’s legs farther apart to gain deep access on each and every thrust.

“Kou…” Ryuu gasped out.

Kouta nodded, responding to the request he knew Ryuu had intended to make. He thrust more fiercely, sending Ryuu over the edge and going with him. Ryuu buried his face against Kouta’s neck, as a series of passionate Italian phrases escaped him. Warmed by how much he had affected Ryuu, Kouta responded in Japanese, his words just as ardent.

They stayed connected for several minutes more as Kouta gave Ryuu light kisses.

“We’re going to have to repeat all of that,” Ryuu told him, laughing. “Usually, you don’t take charge.”

“I aim to please. How are you feeling?”

“Tired but satisfied; I like it…”

Kouta was about to pull out of Ryuu when his lover stopped him.

“I want to fall asleep with you inside me.”

As Ryuu’s eyes grew heavy and he drifted off, Kouta brushed a few strands of damp hair off his forehead.

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