VaiTides – Chapter 33

The sheets were slipping down Darion’s chest and stomach, and then moving past his crotch, leaving his cock exposed to the comfortably cool air in his bedroom. Though he was aware of this, he wasn’t completely awake.

Tolrek smiled, as the soft lighting from a lamp that he’d turned on showcased his lover’s body. He admired the contours of Darion’s physique, which the negotiator had worked so diligently to refine, battling through months of painful recovery. Tolrek had thought for quite some time that Darion was incredibly handsome. However, the negotiator’s robust determination to regain his health after Meric’s attack was especially appealing. If anything, Darion was even more fit. His efforts were highly appreciated and Tolrek was eager to illustrate that to him.

Rather than be coy about what he wanted, Tolrek went for it. He took Darion’s cock in his mouth and languidly swept his tongue across the head. Still half asleep, Darion shifted his hips, his cock prepared for more attention.

Tolrek moved his mouth to the base of Darion’s shaft and hummed, sending pleasant vibrations up through Darion’s stomach and chest.

“Love, what are you doing?” Darion asked, as his eyes fluttered open. His voice was subdued by sleep.

“I’m here for your flesh,” Tolrek teased in a lecherous drawl. “Nothing more; nothing less.”

“This is an interesting way to greet the morning,” Darion said, now much more alert. He chuckled at the mischievous expression on his lover’s face.

Tolrek swirled his tongue around the head of Darion’s cock. A tart drop of pre-come slid its way onto his tongue. He swallowed it, once again enjoying Darion’s enticing and tangy flavor.

“What are your thoughts?” Tolrek asked, as curiosity flashed in his dark-green eyes.


“About what I’m doing, Sir Navarr.”

“Dislike,” Darion playfully taunted him.

“You mean ‘This, I like’?”

“No,” Darion said, remaining lightheartedly belligerent. “It’s barely 5 AM. I’m tired and…Oh yeah!”

Darion let out a long moan of gratification, when Tolrek captured him in his mouth again. Tolrek lavished attention on him, slowly tonguing the vein that ran the length of Darion’s cock and licking the slit where more pre-come had beaded. Darion was forced to let out a hiss of pleasure.

When Darion reached for his lover, Tolrek firmly placed one hand against Darion’s chest, pressing his lover back against the bed. He continued tantalizing Darion with a leisurely blowjob that soon had his lover begging him to pick up the momentum. But they were on Tolrek’s timeline and he drew out the experience.

Darion smiled, as he watched Tolrek deep-throat him. Focused on making the morning quite a memorable one, Tolrek rolled the head of Darion’s cock between his tongue and the roof of his mouth for a few moments. Darion placed his hands in Tolrek’s hair and pressed his head down gently, encouraging his lover to be more forceful. Instead of complying, Tolrek paused and glanced at Darion.

“Don’t touch me,” he told the negotiator. “Put your hands behind your head and keep them that way.”

When the negotiator obeyed, Tolrek returned to the mission he’d so willingly undertaken. He smiled, as Darion’s cock flexed several times in his mouth, a signal that the negotiator was close to coming.

Darion groaned in frustration and raised his hips again, trying to hasten the pace of the release that he wanted. Rather than acquiesce, Tolrek moved away and blew softly on the head of Darion’s cock. Darion reached for his lover again, trying, in vain, to control the situation.

“What did I tell you?” Tolrek asked Darion. “Didn’t I order you not to touch me?”

“I apologize, Captain Marou.”

Tolrek was almost taken in by the deferring tone, rarely hearing such from Darion. Despite the thrill of Darion showing a hint of submissiveness, Tolrek still gave him some type of punishment.

“Not good enough.” Tolrek placed his teeth just under the ridge of the head of Darion’s cock. He ground his teeth back and forth, just enough to make his lover wince and protest.

“No teeth,” Darion grunted. “You know that hurts, especially right under my head. Get back to sucking me.”

“First, you barely wanted to wake up. Now, you’re being demanding.”

Tolrek laughed against Darion’s balls, causing the rumble of his pleasure to travel through them. Then Tolrek showed mercy, giving Darion a hand job, while also sucking roughly on the head of his cock. Tolrek moved with the force and momentum Darion desired, bringing him to gratifying completion.

Darion squeezed his eyes tightly, as come sped out of him and into Tolrek’s eager open mouth. Strands of white silk poured onto Tolrek’s tongue and the sight of it made Darion’s climax much sharper.

“What was that all about?” Darion asked, after he caught his breath.

“I was hungry,” Tolrek said, laughing. He pressed a tender kiss to Darion’s left hip and sat up.

Darion motioned for Tolrek to come into his arms and Tolrek went to him. He rested his head on his lover’s chest, listening to the beat of Darion’s heart become calmer.

“I have a confession to make,” Tolrek said.

“What is it?”

“I thought I’d please you, before bringing up a sore subject. It’s harder for you to fight, when I’ve drained you.”

“I wondered when you were going to get around to it.”

“What do you mean?”

“For a while, I’ve known something was on your mind. It’s not like you to hold back.”

“I continue to worry about you,” Tolrek admitted, propping himself up on one elbow. “Are you ready to face the next phase of what will happen? Surely, there’ll be more news about Meric and you might not like any of it.”

“It sounds like you doubt my ability to deal with any pressures.” There was sharpness to Darion’s voice but Tolrek pressed forward.

“D, you cursed at your parents and hung up on them. You’re not on good terms with Tezza or Ashrom either. Given your stubbornness, I know you’ll leave those situations unresolved for way too long.”

“I think I would have preferred that you keep your concerns to yourself!” Darion twisted away from Tolrek and swung his legs over the side of the bed, sitting up with his back to him.

“How can we have this much-needed discussion, when you start overreacting?” Tolrek questioned. “We’ve had a similar conversation before but that was prior to this latest development with Tildar. The rules have changed and you’re acutely affected on a whole different level. I need to know you’re flexible enough for everything, that you’re fully healed. I have to push you to talk about these things because you can shut down on me sometimes.”

Darion got up and walked away completely from the bed. He leaned against one wall and folded his arms, piercing Tolrek with a frustrated gaze from his shrewd, steel-gray eyes.

“There are moments when I struggle with everything that’s happening,” Darion said. “That’s to be expected. Isn’t it?”

“Yes but we’ve come too far not to help each other as much as we can.”

“I understand and I agree. That doesn’t mean I like you thinking I’m so fucking brittle.”

Darion’s tone was laced with annoyance and he continued to pin Tolrek with his gaze. Despite Darion’s expression of rising fury that would have intimidated almost anyone, Tolrek went to him.

“This isn’t a time to show anger,” Tolrek said quietly, as he trailed one finger along Darion’s tense, strong jaw line. His voice wavered, as the tremor of the concerns he was feeling threaded through it. “This is the part where you reassure me. I really need it, baby.”

Darion’s urge to argue was undone by Tolrek’s sincere plea. He gave his lover a delicate kiss and then held him tightly.

“I’m ready, Tol…” he whispered.

Tolrek studied Darion’s face for a few moments and then nodded. The furrowed lines of worry that had graced Tolrek’s forehead since the beginning of the discussion disappeared.

“D, that’s very good. And just so it’s clear, I’ll always have your back…and front…and the mole on your left thigh…and that sexy moan you often do, after you’ve had a great orgasm…”

“I get the point,” Darion said, chuckling. His amusement softly faded, when Tolrek became quiet for several seconds. Darion waited, correctly sensing that his lover had more to say.

“I don’t think you realize how much you affect me,” Tolrek admitted.

Darion held Tolrek’s face in both of his hands and kissed him deeply.

“I’ll give you every reason to keep believing in me,” Darion murmured. “Now, come; let me love you…”

He took one of Tolrek’s hands and laced their fingers together. He led his lover to their bed and gently encouraged him to lie on his front. He layered light, teasing kisses on Tolrek’s neck, shoulders and back that made him chuckle with surprised delight and sigh with contentment. Then, starting from the base of Tolrek’s spine, Darion licked his way up his lover’s body and roguishly nibbled on both of his ears, making him laugh loudly.

Darion reached into a night stand for scented oil to ease his entry. After preparing Tolrek, he slipped inside his lover. He tumbled them both on their sides and began to thrust into Tolrek. His varied his movements between shallow plunges and deeper ones that soon had both of them eager for fulfillment. He was going to finish them off that way, when Tolrek made a request.

“Let’s change positions,” Tolrek said. “I want us face-to-face.”

Darion moved as his lover desired and Tolrek opened his arms, pulling Darion to him. He reached down between their bodies. Taking Darion’s cock, he put it against his entrance and Darion immersed himself again in Tolrek. They both let out a long groan and settled in for a relaxing rhythm, savoring how much time they had.

They kept their eyes on each other, even as they came, enjoying the strength of the emotions their mutual orgasms created. When their breathing returned to a normal pace, Darion began to speak in muted tones, choosing his words carefully, so the full gravity of their meaning would be understood.

“At times, I think of when you bargained with Beilon to remove your Pet status,” Darion said.

“How could either of us possibly forget? You were so furious with me.”

“What happened still hurts me. It brings back the doubt that you ever cared.”

“Love, it wasn’t my goal to make you feel that way. Yet, I knew we couldn’t continue with me as your Pet.”

“I don’t say these things to cause harm,” To put a stamp on the truth of his words, Darion pressed a tender kiss to Tolrek’s forehead, nose and then mouth. “What you did was right. In that moment, as difficult as it must have been for you, you were the stronger of the two of us. I thank you, with complete gratitude, for that decision.”

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