The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 23

Izdahl and Armando adjust to life after Armando’s coma in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 23.  Here’s a peek:

Izdahl massaged his temples, releasing his breath slowly to let out stress. His assistant had just alerted him that Lorne Nieri, the husband of Avila, was waiting for him. He’d known that Lorne would want to have a discussion about the Resonance Ceremony. He was, however, not eager to talk at this particular time. There was simply too much happening in his life. The upcoming introductions with Matero and Avila, his two Shield matches, would happen soon. In the mean time, his responsibilities at work were increasing. He continued to wonder if Armando had fully recovered. And he was still sexually frustrated.

The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 19

The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 19 is up! Here’s an excerpt:

Armando’s remark only served to further irritate Izdahl. He knew he had overstepped his bounds, not thinking of the consequences of publically downplaying the importance of another clan’s leader. While everyone knew the hierarchy, it was particularly in bad form for one Kelcho’s follower to be dismissive of another Kelcho. During the time when the clans had their most brutal feuds, battles were started over those types of insults; the Nitelge pride had overrode their restraint.