Vaironian Tides: Chapter 41 Final

coastline-by UnsplashIn the final chapter, Vaironian Tides, Chapter 41, Darion and Tolrek make plans for the future, ready to take on larger challenges. Here’s an excerpt:

Tolrek wasn’t sure how Darion’s parents would greet him. While Darion had been recovering, Tolrek had briefly spoken with Ryam and Saha, on several occasions. However, he’d thought that meeting them in-person would be daunting. No amount of assurance from Darion had lessened Tolrek’s nervousness.


The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 46

Spiral by AstroniraArmando goes into a spiral of panic, when he receives an unexpected invitation from Kelcho Dagmar Havad, in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 46. Here’s an excerpt:

Armando was reading the invitation again, as dread coursed through him. He wasn’t sure if his unease was because of who had sent the request or because of how it had arrived. Dagmar had dispatched Elij, his highest ranking assistant, to personally deliver a request to join him for dinner that weekend. The invitation bearing the seal of the Havad clan and the old-fashioned delivery method both carried gravity.

Vaironian Tides: Chapter 40

villa by UnsplashAfter the tension of dealing with Meric, Darion and Tolrek get some much-needed relaxation at Ashrom’s villa, in Vaironian Tides, Chapter 40. Here’s an excerpt:

Tolrek laughed loudly and Darion decided it was best not to ask Tezza exactly what rumors she meant. Having teased them enough to her liking, she was attempting to leave the bed, when Najrina added to the madness. The hettira pounced, following Tezza’s example. One of Najrina’s paws landed on Darion’s groin.

The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 45

fireArmando has to consider the source of the damaging flames, in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 45. Here’s an excerpt:

Armando froze, he wanted to help but he knew that he’d be ineffective. Sunja was finally able to eliminate the flames but not before she’d suffered significant damage on her face and arms. After taking a deep breath to calm her nerves, she focused and used her powers to begin to heal from the burns. The charred flesh on her arms and legs renewed itself and knitted together before Armando’s eyes.

Vaironian Tides: Chapter 39

truth by geraltTolrek pushes for more information about Darion’s recently revealed powers, in Vaironian Tides, Chapter 39. Here’s an excerpt:

When Darion returned to Ashrom’s home, Tolrek was waiting for him. With Ashrom spending the night at Tezza’s place and Kyan in bed, there weren’t any distractions. Tolrek was glad for that, as he didn’t intend to let Darion side-step the pressing issue any longer.