Vaironian Tides: Chapter 33

sunriseAfter a particularly stressful few months, Darion and Tolrek get some time to focus on each other. Tolrek knows exactly how he wants to begin the day, in Vaironian Tides, Chapter 33.  Here’s an excerpt:

Tolrek smiled, as the soft lighting from a lamp that he’d turned on showcased his lover’s body. He admired the contours of Darion’s physique, which the negotiator had worked so diligently to refine, battling through months of painful recovery. Tolrek had thought for quite some time that Darion was incredibly handsome. However, the negotiator’s robust determination to regain his health after Meric’s attack was especially appealing. If anything, Darion was even more fit. His efforts were highly appreciated and Tolrek was eager to illustrate that to him.