Balance: Chapter 27

Kouta and Ryuu wrestle with the increased media attention to their relationship in Balance, Chapter 27.  Here’s a bit:

They had stayed up late, arguing about some recent trouble with the tabloids. Well, Ryuu had considered it trouble; Kouta hadn’t. Ryuu continued to be more private, especially since he believed their relationship wasn’t widely accepted. Kouta, on the other hand, had stopped caring as much about those circumstances and sometimes liked to push boundaries. Two days ago, he’d kissed Ryuu while they were in public. They’d been returning from a movie and Ryuu had made a joke that had caused Kouta to laugh. Enamored by the charming expression on his lover’s face, Kouta hadn’t thought twice about pressing his mouth to Ryuu’s. Pictures of the moment had appeared in the entertainment news the following day.