Balance: Chapter 12

I’ve updated Balance with Chapter 12!  Here are some snapshots:

  1. “I don’t want to see you right now. The more we talk, the angrier I’m getting. I didn’t plan on having a shouting match, especially so late at night. I hope no one heard us.”
  2. Kouta turned his back to Ryuu, ending the conversation. Soon, he heard the door close. He stretched out on the bed, thinking about how Ryuu was acting. Sometimes, he could accept the things Ryuu did when his domineering side showed itself. It could be appealing but today Kouta thought Ryuu had gone too far.


Balance: Chapter 11

I’ve updated Balance with Chapter 11.  Here are some snapshots:

  1. Ryuu pressed Kouta under his body, teasingly nipping at his ear. He was about to launch a loving assault on Kouta’s body when Aki jumped on the bed. Ryuu shouted in surprised as she ran up his back and positioned her eight-pound body on his head.
  2. Ryuu dove gracefully into the pool, treading water and teasing Kouta with his eyes. Kouta sat at the edge, dangling his feet in the water. He watched Ryuu, willing himself not to get hard from the sight of the water and sun on Ryuu’s skin.


All Stories: Chapter 10

The relationships in AG, Bal and VaiTides go through more changes in these updates!

  • AG: Armando chooses not to listen to Izdahl’s warning.
  • Bal: Kouta and Ryuu go on a much-needed steamy vacation.
  • VaiTides: Darion takes Tolrek to Tildar, which will cause complications.