Vaironian Tides: The Revisions Saga

As I mentioned in my Spring 2017 story update post, I sent Vaironian Tides to an editor. I’ve been busy doing significant revisions to it. Changes from the first draft include other information about Tolrek’s background and Darion’s abilities.

I plan to publish in the near future! I’ve already commissioned artwork for the cover and I’ll reveal it soon.














Vaironian Tides: Chapter 41 Final

coastline-by UnsplashIn the final chapter, Vaironian Tides, Chapter 41, Darion and Tolrek make plans for the future, ready to take on larger challenges. Here’s an excerpt:

Tolrek wasn’t sure how Darion’s parents would greet him. While Darion had been recovering, Tolrek had briefly spoken with Ryam and Saha, on several occasions. However, he’d thought that meeting them in-person would be daunting. No amount of assurance from Darion had lessened Tolrek’s nervousness.


Vaironian Tides: Chapter 40

villa by UnsplashAfter the tension of dealing with Meric, Darion and Tolrek get some much-needed relaxation at Ashrom’s villa, in Vaironian Tides, Chapter 40. Here’s an excerpt:

Tolrek laughed loudly and Darion decided it was best not to ask Tezza exactly what rumors she meant. Having teased them enough to her liking, she was attempting to leave the bed, when Najrina added to the madness. The hettira pounced, following Tezza’s example. One of Najrina’s paws landed on Darion’s groin.

Vaironian Tides: Chapter 39

truth by geraltTolrek pushes for more information about Darion’s recently revealed powers, in Vaironian Tides, Chapter 39. Here’s an excerpt:

When Darion returned to Ashrom’s home, Tolrek was waiting for him. With Ashrom spending the night at Tezza’s place and Kyan in bed, there weren’t any distractions. Tolrek was glad for that, as he didn’t intend to let Darion side-step the pressing issue any longer.


Vaironian Tides: Chapter 38

egg-583163_1280 - CopyDarion deals with Meric Treih for his actions against Vaironia and Tildar, in Vaironian Tides, Chapter 38. Here’s an excerpt:

“I assure you, this is no game,” Darion responded calmly, his state of mind that of the cold negotiator who had risen rapidly up the ranks. He opened the box, pulled out a meticulously designed platinum gauntlet and placed it onto his left hand. Tolrek looked at Ashrom, noting how keenly Darion’s older brother was watching the proceedings.


Vaironian Tides: Chapter 37

stressDarion deals with Tolrek’s frustration about the challenges he faced during the past few years, in Vaironian Tides, Chapter 37. Here’s an excerpt:

Darion covered Tolrek’s left hand, which had formed a fist on the table. Then, he squeezed Tolrek’s arm to soothe his lover, who refused the attempt at comfort. Instead, Tolrek stood and left the dining room, going out to the balcony. The crisp night air of the empire’s capital cooled his skin. He took several deep breaths, as he tried to get himself under control, gripping the marble banister of the balcony. A chunk of it crumbled and fell to the manicured lawn below. His eyes traveled the length of the balcony’s banister and saw that various cracks had appeared through it.


Vaironian Tides: Chapter 36

einstein-212102_640In Vaironian Tides, Chapter 36, Tolrek finds out more about the genetic engineering program on Ledano. The knowledge he gains will have far-reaching consequences for him and Darion. Here’s an excerpt:

Ashrom observed Tolrek and Kyan, as they played with Najrina. They were on the security compound’s large, enclosed field. Kyan would try to run past Tolrek and Najrina, dodging the two of them. He’d laugh loudly, when Tolrek would grab him or Najrina would carefully tackle him. When they took a break from their game of tag, Kyan showed Tolrek the martial arts techniques Ashrom had taught him. It was during that demonstration, when Darion found Ashrom. The negotiator had returned from a briefing with the Vaironian Prime Minister, Beilon and other high-ranking VSB officials. He’d received strict directions to let events with Meric proceed, as the Tildari desired.

Vaironian Tides: Chapter 35

microbiology - dnaAshrom informs Darion and Tolrek about Meric’s clandestine activities in Vaironian Tides, Chapter 35. Here’s an excerpt:

“We’d first heard rumors of Ledano’s experimental program about ten years ago,” Ashrom began to explain. “We weren’t completely convinced about the civil war. Various details made us suspicious. Ledano was still trading with our merchants. They’d barred all other nations but they were afraid to shut down commerce with us and anger us. Ledano is the strongest in its sector but not as strong as Tildar. For years, it delicately managed its relationship with us. After all, not pissing off an empire has its benefits. At any rate, we began to use our merchants as a source of information. We’d been interested in certain resources that Ledano has but we didn’t imagine what else we’d find; certainly not this program. Behadan Kyniska had cautioned that we’d primarily monitor what was taking place, in case we were misunderstanding the situation. We’re now prepared to share that information with you.”

Vaironian Tides: Chapter 34

swimming-poolDarion considers his current circumstances, unaware of how drastically they are about to change, in Vaironian Tides, Chapter 34.  Here’s an excerpt:

When Darion and Tolrek went back to the house, Darion talked Tolrek into a late night swim in their pool. Tolrek was floating gracefully and serenely by Darion, causing his lover to smile. Darion’s smile slowly faded, as his mind went back to the issues that remained unresolved. He looked up at the night sky, thinking of the rest of his family on Tildar. He still hadn’t spoken to his parents, since the argument. While he had no intention of apologizing, at least in the near future, the disagreement still hurt his heart. His circumstances were mainly grinding on his patience, as even now Meric still wasn’t under his control.

Vaironian Tides: Chapter 32

lie and truthDarion hopes the negotiations will bring Meric Treih under Vaironian control but events take an unexpected turn, in Vaironian Tides, Chapter 32.  Here’s an excerpt:

Darion had been careful to manage his reactions, as he considered a series of possibilities, none of which he liked. The main factor that went through his mind was that the negotiations were a ploy to get him out in the open, so that Meric could make another attempt on his life. Each side had various guards posted in the negotiation room; Darion still understood that didn’t mean an assassination could not be carried out.