Vaironian Tides: Chapter 36

einstein-212102_640In Vaironian Tides, Chapter 36, Tolrek finds out more about the genetic engineering program on Ledano. The knowledge he gains will have far-reaching consequences for him and Darion. Here’s an excerpt:

Ashrom observed Tolrek and Kyan, as they played with Najrina. They were on the security compound’s large, enclosed field. Kyan would try to run past Tolrek and Najrina, dodging the two of them. He’d laugh loudly, when Tolrek would grab him or Najrina would carefully tackle him. When they took a break from their game of tag, Kyan showed Tolrek the martial arts techniques Ashrom had taught him. It was during that demonstration, when Darion found Ashrom. The negotiator had returned from a briefing with the Vaironian Prime Minister, Beilon and other high-ranking VSB officials. He’d received strict directions to let events with Meric proceed, as the Tildari desired.

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