Vaironian Tides: Chapter 35

microbiology - dnaAshrom informs Darion and Tolrek about Meric’s clandestine activities in Vaironian Tides, Chapter 35. Here’s an excerpt:

“We’d first heard rumors of Ledano’s experimental program about ten years ago,” Ashrom began to explain. “We weren’t completely convinced about the civil war. Various details made us suspicious. Ledano was still trading with our merchants. They’d barred all other nations but they were afraid to shut down commerce with us and anger us. Ledano is the strongest in its sector but not as strong as Tildar. For years, it delicately managed its relationship with us. After all, not pissing off an empire has its benefits. At any rate, we began to use our merchants as a source of information. We’d been interested in certain resources that Ledano has but we didn’t imagine what else we’d find; certainly not this program. Behadan Kyniska had cautioned that we’d primarily monitor what was taking place, in case we were misunderstanding the situation. We’re now prepared to share that information with you.”

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