Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 43

fire-eatersIzdahl learns just how unprepared he is the dangerous Elite Fire Sparring, in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 43. Here’s an excerpt:

Despite Armando’s earlier words to be careful, Izdahl was failing to properly defend himself. Metienne’s knee fiercely connected with his ribs, sending shock waves through his body. Her follow-up punch to his throat sent him stumbling to the floor, as he fought to breathe. Increasing her power output, Metienne executed a vicious kick that sent him flying six feet into a nearby wall. Before he could get his bearings, a barrage of fireballs outlined his slumped body, the heat of them burning his hair and clothing, exposing skin.


The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 42

zabriskie-268389_1280Armando and Izdahl deal with the immediate aftermath of the statue’s barrier falling, in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 42. Here’s an excerpt:

Izdahl and Armando turned rapidly, when Dagmar and his assistant suddenly appeared behind them. Izdahl placed himself in front of Armando, understanding the gravity of the situation. Committing an infraction that was serious enough to make a Kelcho use a portal was going to be widely publicized.