The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 47

puzzle-1152792_1280Armando, Izdahl and Dagmar are all seeking the truth, in different ways, in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 47. Here’s an excerpt:

Armando chose not to offer a denial about Dagmar’s speculation, as doing so would have sounded hollow. Dagmar didn’t press for an answer. He wasn’t particularly interested in one, as there was a larger matter. As opposed to what he’d led Armando to believe, the shield wasn’t the reason he’d wanted the architect in his home. 



The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 46

Spiral by AstroniraArmando goes into a spiral of panic, when he receives an unexpected invitation from Kelcho Dagmar Havad, in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 46. Here’s an excerpt:

Armando was reading the invitation again, as dread coursed through him. He wasn’t sure if his unease was because of who had sent the request or because of how it had arrived. Dagmar had dispatched Elij, his highest ranking assistant, to personally deliver a request to join him for dinner that weekend. The invitation bearing the seal of the Havad clan and the old-fashioned delivery method both carried gravity.

The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 44

Mask by HansilineArmando’s awakening to his powers becomes dangerous, in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 44. Here’s an excerpt:

Sunja gasped, as she stumbled upon a dark, foreboding wall in a section of Armando’s mind. It hadn’t been there the other times she’d done this technique. She also hadn’t seen anything like it with others she’d analyzed in the same way. Her energy wasn’t allowed to go beyond the wall. Her brow furrowed in frustration, she continued to try to gain access, curious if the answer she was seeking was pass that space. She sent more energy but the wall stayed firm.

Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 43

fire-eatersIzdahl learns just how unprepared he is the dangerous Elite Fire Sparring, in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 43. Here’s an excerpt:

Despite Armando’s earlier words to be careful, Izdahl was failing to properly defend himself. Metienne’s knee fiercely connected with his ribs, sending shock waves through his body. Her follow-up punch to his throat sent him stumbling to the floor, as he fought to breathe. Increasing her power output, Metienne executed a vicious kick that sent him flying six feet into a nearby wall. Before he could get his bearings, a barrage of fireballs outlined his slumped body, the heat of them burning his hair and clothing, exposing skin.


The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 41

binocularsArmando and Izdahl actions will cause some serious concerns for Dagmar, in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 41.  Here’s an excerpt:

Izdahl was beside Armando, doing his best not to voice his reservations again about being in a Havad territory. The two had arrived in the arid area thirty minutes earlier. It had taken Armando almost all of that time to leave the car and walk to the cliff. He’d turned to Izdahl for soothing encouragement and, knowing what he’d needed, Izdahl had held his face tenderly and offered loving comfort. When Armando had been convinced that things would be alright, he’d left the car with Izdahl behind him. Now, as Armando looked out at the vast, dry landscape, he wondered why he continued to be drawn to it. A breeze kicked up swirls of dust, slightly obscuring parts of the statue.

The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 28

Dagmar focuses on the dark arts to further his plans in The Architect’s Guaridan, Chapter 28.  Here’s a portion:

Dagmar planned to make a blood replica of Armando. With enough blood and the correct spell, one could craft a miniature version of a person. The replica could be used to bend the person to his/her will. As a result, this type of spell was forbidden throughout the entire planet.

The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 21

Izdahl’s concerns about the interactions between Armando and Dagmar grow in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 21.  Here is an excerpt:

While he changed out of his suit, Izdahl watched Armando work, still bothered by their conversation. Then, he went to take his shower. As water cascaded down his body, he thought about his exchange with his lover, which had been surprisingly heated. He was unnerved by the quick rise of Armando’s anger. He wondered if moments of strife like this would occur. He was concerned that, somehow, Dagmar’s actions were designed to create conflict. He speculated that the Kelcho’s ultimate goal could be to separate him from Armando. He would do everything he could to stop that from happening. Armando meant too much to him.

The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 20

Izdahl is so revealing in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 20.  Here’s an excerpt:

Armando’s words ended. He had reached the center of the magazine. There was a ten-page photographic spread of Izdahl. Through 25 pictures, he showed off his excellent physique in a series of nudes. The virile, confident expression on Izdahl’s face and his beautiful body guaranteed that he would be the source for many fantasies. Armando felt jealousy burning at the center of his stomach, as he saw his lover so blatantly and casually on display.

The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 19

The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 19 is up! Here’s an excerpt:

Armando’s remark only served to further irritate Izdahl. He knew he had overstepped his bounds, not thinking of the consequences of publically downplaying the importance of another clan’s leader. While everyone knew the hierarchy, it was particularly in bad form for one Kelcho’s follower to be dismissive of another Kelcho. During the time when the clans had their most brutal feuds, battles were started over those types of insults; the Nitelge pride had overrode their restraint.

The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 17

The Architect’s Guardian Chapter 17 has been posted.  Here’s a snippet:

Dagmar saw a flash of annoyance travel across Izdahl’s face. The Kelcho was determined to compound it and chuckled lightly. He patted Izdahl on his face.  Izdahl swallowed the comment that wanted to burst from his throat. Instead of lashing out, he moved a small distance away. He knew if he went too far, he’d have to answer to his parents, his grandfather, his great-grandmother…and most of all Armando. He knew his lover disliked scenes, especially in public.