The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 32

Armando reacts to Xersa’s expectations of him, with surprising results in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 32. Here’s a portion:

Armando was well into his tirade, before he realized how cold the room had gone. He was puzzled when he could see his breath puffing into the air. If Izdahl had been there, he could have warned his lover. Xersa’s anger had hit one of its deepest levels. It had been in this same range when she’d telekinetically slammed Syrik against the wall, scaring her oldest grandchild for life. Fighting to retain her composure, she turned away from the architect. As the room grew even colder, Armando began to shiver. His teeth chattered and frost appeared on his hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.

The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 31

Izdahl receives positive news about the Resonance Ceremony.  However, there are still challenges to his relationship with Armando, in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 31. Here’s a portion:

He was truly happy that being closer to Avila, spending time with her had helped to reveal that they were not suitable Shield partners. Armando would be pleased that he had not needed to sleep with Avila. However, Izdahl still had to meet with his second potential partner, Matero Nolasca.

The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 30

Armando reveals to Izdahl a far-reaching decision that had been made decades ago in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 30. Here’s a portion:

Izdahl sighed, feeling overall contentment but still wishing that his doubts could go away. He truly hoped that the decisions made decades ago by their families would not take away their happiness. Nitelge grew up with the understanding of just how much they were connected to the Shield. Humans rarely had the same level of requirement. So few were intricately entwined with it. Why was it that his lover, a human who completely had his heart, had been required to make such a great sacrifice? Even most Nitelge would never have to deal with this kind of burden.


The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 29

Izdahl loses his temper in a stunning manner, once Armando makes a troubling request in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 29.  Here’s a portion:

Izdahl could see that things were getting out of control. He knew that it was reasonable for him to be upset but he thought that the level of anger he was feeling was out of proportion to the circumstances. Yes, Armando’s dream worried him. Of course, he was incredibly eager to participate in the tournament. Definitely, he’d reconsider, given what Armando had told him. Naturally, he was furious that he wasn’t told this earlier. Still. The rising tide of fury was already too high. He was now changing into his second Nitelge form, his cuspids lengthening.

The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 28

Dagmar focuses on the dark arts to further his plans in The Architect’s Guaridan, Chapter 28.  Here’s a portion:

Dagmar planned to make a blood replica of Armando. With enough blood and the correct spell, one could craft a miniature version of a person. The replica could be used to bend the person to his/her will. As a result, this type of spell was forbidden throughout the entire planet.

The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 27

Sunja delves into Armando’s mind and finds out much about him in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 27.  Here’s a portion:

Armando became livid, angry that Sunja had discovered something he hadn’t even wanted to admit he’d been dreaming. He’d convinced himself that his dreams hadn’t included the death of his lover. By her finding it locked in his mind, it was clear to him just how deep she was able to go.

The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 26

Armando is stunned, when Xersa reveals his connection to Zaitis Havad in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 26. Here’s a portion.

“When we had you tested for the strength of your spiritual energy, our machines couldn’t handle the calculations,” Xersa told him. “We completed the process with you twice, using different systems each time. We wanted to make sure our data was correct. We received the matching results. When we looked at your charts, we realized that your strength, and aura, was almost identical to that of Zaitis.”

The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 25

Izdahl becomes seriously concerned about some of the changes to Armando, in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 25.  Here’s a portion:

Armando was indeed in the backyard but Izdahl was surprised and concerned by what he saw. His lover was kneeling, swaying backwards and forwards with his eyes closed. He was also speaking in a language which he was unlikely to have ever learned. While Izdahl could understand some of the words, much of it was difficult for him to grasp. He was able to recognize a few words and realized that Armando was chanting in one of the three main ancient Nitelge dialects. Izdahl was unsure how Armando could even know the phrases he kept on repeating.

The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 24

Izdahl and Armando become frustrated with each other, in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 24. Here’s a portion:

“If you’re going to be angry with me all night, I’ll sleep in another room. I can’t be next to you and not at least hold you.” Izdahl hesitated. He was unsure if he should say the next words on his mind. However, after a few moments of indecision, he decided to be straightforward. “We haven’t exactly been all that intimate lately. Don’t eliminate the little bit of intimacy we do have.”

The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 23

Izdahl and Armando adjust to life after Armando’s coma in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 23.  Here’s a peek:

Izdahl massaged his temples, releasing his breath slowly to let out stress. His assistant had just alerted him that Lorne Nieri, the husband of Avila, was waiting for him. He’d known that Lorne would want to have a discussion about the Resonance Ceremony. He was, however, not eager to talk at this particular time. There was simply too much happening in his life. The upcoming introductions with Matero and Avila, his two Shield matches, would happen soon. In the mean time, his responsibilities at work were increasing. He continued to wonder if Armando had fully recovered. And he was still sexually frustrated.