The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 44

Mask by HansilineArmando’s awakening to his powers becomes dangerous, in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 44. Here’s an excerpt:

Sunja gasped, as she stumbled upon a dark, foreboding wall in a section of Armando’s mind. It hadn’t been there the other times she’d done this technique. She also hadn’t seen anything like it with others she’d analyzed in the same way. Her energy wasn’t allowed to go beyond the wall. Her brow furrowed in frustration, she continued to try to gain access, curious if the answer she was seeking was pass that space. She sent more energy but the wall stayed firm.

The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 27

Sunja delves into Armando’s mind and finds out much about him in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 27.  Here’s a portion:

Armando became livid, angry that Sunja had discovered something he hadn’t even wanted to admit he’d been dreaming. He’d convinced himself that his dreams hadn’t included the death of his lover. By her finding it locked in his mind, it was clear to him just how deep she was able to go.

The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 26

Armando is stunned, when Xersa reveals his connection to Zaitis Havad in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 26. Here’s a portion.

“When we had you tested for the strength of your spiritual energy, our machines couldn’t handle the calculations,” Xersa told him. “We completed the process with you twice, using different systems each time. We wanted to make sure our data was correct. We received the matching results. When we looked at your charts, we realized that your strength, and aura, was almost identical to that of Zaitis.”