The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 40

moon-186182_640Armando has decided he’s ready to return to the statue of Zaitis, which displeases Izdahl, in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 40. Here’s an excerpt:

Izdahl bit back a reply that would have been acidic. His anxiety from when Armando had been in a coma mixed with his frustration about Armando’s persistence. Armando searched his lover’s eyes and then sighed, understanding what the deeper issue was. He opted to give Izdahl time to wrestle with his emotions.

Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 15

The Architect’s Guardian Chapter 15 has been posted!  Here are a few snippets:

Armando rubbed his arms rapidly, trying to clear his mind of the images that had been bothering him for weeks. He had hoped that, by now, he would be able to sleep properly. Yet, this was not the case. Even now, the visions from the dream lingered, creating in him a doubt that he was truly awake, safe with Izdahl next to him.

Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 14

The Architect’s Guardian Chapter 14 has been posted!  Here are a few snippets:

  1. Izdahl got up out of bed. Armando gave his torso an appreciative appraisal as he searched one of the dressers. He opened the top drawer and removed a box. It contained an item that carried several deep meanings for him. He hoped Armando would accept it.
  2. Armando woke up sweating, the coldness of the chains and words maliciously grasping at him. He sat up quickly and scanned the room. It was as if the presence had left his dreams and entered the bedroom. When he was sure that was not the case, his breathing slowed to normal.