The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 41

binocularsArmando and Izdahl actions will cause some serious concerns for Dagmar, in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 41.  Here’s an excerpt:

Izdahl was beside Armando, doing his best not to voice his reservations again about being in a Havad territory. The two had arrived in the arid area thirty minutes earlier. It had taken Armando almost all of that time to leave the car and walk to the cliff. He’d turned to Izdahl for soothing encouragement and, knowing what he’d needed, Izdahl had held his face tenderly and offered loving comfort. When Armando had been convinced that things would be alright, he’d left the car with Izdahl behind him. Now, as Armando looked out at the vast, dry landscape, he wondered why he continued to be drawn to it. A breeze kicked up swirls of dust, slightly obscuring parts of the statue.

The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 40

moon-186182_640Armando has decided he’s ready to return to the statue of Zaitis, which displeases Izdahl, in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 40. Here’s an excerpt:

Izdahl bit back a reply that would have been acidic. His anxiety from when Armando had been in a coma mixed with his frustration about Armando’s persistence. Armando searched his lover’s eyes and then sighed, understanding what the deeper issue was. He opted to give Izdahl time to wrestle with his emotions.

The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 26

Armando is stunned, when Xersa reveals his connection to Zaitis Havad in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 26. Here’s a portion.

“When we had you tested for the strength of your spiritual energy, our machines couldn’t handle the calculations,” Xersa told him. “We completed the process with you twice, using different systems each time. We wanted to make sure our data was correct. We received the matching results. When we looked at your charts, we realized that your strength, and aura, was almost identical to that of Zaitis.”

The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 20

Izdahl is so revealing in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 20.  Here’s an excerpt:

Armando’s words ended. He had reached the center of the magazine. There was a ten-page photographic spread of Izdahl. Through 25 pictures, he showed off his excellent physique in a series of nudes. The virile, confident expression on Izdahl’s face and his beautiful body guaranteed that he would be the source for many fantasies. Armando felt jealousy burning at the center of his stomach, as he saw his lover so blatantly and casually on display.