Vaironian Tides: Chapter 17

Chapter 17 of Vaironian Tides is up!  Some bits and pieces:

In Tildari culture, lovers often spoke each other’s middle names during intense moments of pleasure. It had been the same between Darion and Jarrick. It was times like those that Jarrick now thought of and the memories drove into his heart. Darion had known that would happen. He had not forgotten that Jarrick’s strongest releases occurred when his middle name was called with loving fervor.

Vaironian Tides: Chapter 15

Chapter 15 of Vaironian Tides is up!  Some bits and pieces:

The rebel paused, having an inner battle about what to do. Part of him wanted to mash Jarrick into the ground. The other part remained concerned about Darion’s reaction. He and the negotiator were beginning to get back on good terms, having refreshed their relationship. He was reluctant to ruin the progress they’d made. Yet, he thought that Jarrick was deserving of a pummeling.

Vaironian Tides: Chapter 13

Chapter 13 of Vaironian Tides is up!  Some bits and pieces:

Early the next morning, Jarrick awoke, remembering that Darion was in a nearby room. He couldn’t resist and quickly made his way to the negotiator. Darion was relaxing, his handsome face serene. However, it wasn’t his face that Jarrick focused on for long. Darion was lying on his back and his perfectly rounded buttocks were exposed, as he’d kicked off the sheets during the night.