The Architect’s Guardian: Chapter 35

Armando remembers more details surrounding the death of his parents in The Architect’s Guardian, Chapter 35. Here’s a portion:

“When I was in the hospital, someone came to see me,” Armando began. “I’d felt that he shouldn’t have been there. I’d just awoken and he was standing over me. I’d opened my eyes and saw him, he’d smiled. I’d recognized him as the Nitelge who’d grabbed my arm during the night my parents had died. He’d waved a hand over my face and said a few words that sounded like a spell. I’d tried to push him away but then blacked out. For years, every time I’ve tried to describe to others what happened my head would hurt so badly. Eventually, I gave up, thinking I’d just imagined it all.”

Vaironian Tides: Chapter 17

Chapter 17 of Vaironian Tides is up!  Some bits and pieces:

In Tildari culture, lovers often spoke each other’s middle names during intense moments of pleasure. It had been the same between Darion and Jarrick. It was times like those that Jarrick now thought of and the memories drove into his heart. Darion had known that would happen. He had not forgotten that Jarrick’s strongest releases occurred when his middle name was called with loving fervor.