VaiTides Challenge

Vaironian Tides has been an interesting challenge for me to write.  I haven’t quite figured out all the reasons why.  Perhaps the struggle has been because I’ve switched back and forth between stories.  Also, there are some details I’d like to add which will round out the relationship for Tolrek and Darion.  I’m still searching for the perfect elements to wrap up their journey.  I’m also considering changing the name of the story to Time and Tide.  Hmmm….

I’ve completed 25 chapters and this story will, likely, end after a few more chapters.  There’s the potential for continuing Darion and Tolrek’s adventures in another novel.  Tolrek’s background presents some great opportunities for exploration.

Architect’s Guardian Universe

I am still writing the first draft of this story.  As of today, I have completed 33 chapters.  I anticipate that it will become a series.  I’m aiming to be precise about the world-building; that will help me expand on the ArchGuar’s universe.  I have a great deal in mind for Armando, Izdahl and those who are connected to them.